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Call Me Crazy by Support Group

Benjamin Groff

Hey Support Group, 

First - really like the artist name and the artwork image and the song, production and vocals are all off to the right direction from the first few measures.  Good job on that.  Here's my thought ... and not sure if this makes sense.  I think the vibe - of the song and production is asking to be a little more lean back in listening to it and the density of the song is more of a lean in type thing ... so for me there's a little incongruence there.  Like if a stylistic lane  we're talking about Sade...i think there's less "song" and "information" coming at your more so than a vibe and faster vocal lines etc.  So might be something there to look at - if that makes sense?   

I do really like it though but just not sure if it's for me and what my current projects are looking like. 

I do also like that twist at the end lyrically. 

Sounds like you're on the right path overall!

Hope it's helpful.  Benjamin.  

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