Kevin Paczesny

Kevin Paczesny

Kevin Paczesny

Kevin Paczesny
Kevin Paczesny is an Ambient Chill Out music producer originally from Chicago but grew up in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona and now residing in Los Angeles, California.
 My song productions are integrated for the purposes of hour-long mixes; they are featured on Lemongrass Music with their Chill Out release compilations and the EP titled “Awakening” . I’ve also collaborated with artists such as Jani R. from Finland, Aleyum from San Francisco.
music industry, music tech, artist and creative talent relations, music production, music composition, djing
ambient, deep house, chillout

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Benjamin Groff

Hey Kevin - this was the perfect song for me to dive into as a i just finished a batch of stressful emails and clicking the button here does what a great chill out tune is supposed to do - which is to help you chill out!  I just dropped this in our Weekly Best of Spotify Chart here.  Nice work and really enjoyed it! 

I think where you can really win is by looking at YouTube distribution channels where chill songs are huge.  Like I would look at The District aka EDM District and see if you can't submit there and they'll get your music to all their youtube people.  

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