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Mother by Jenee Halstead

Benjamin Groff

Hey Jene, wow this is really strong.  Almost forgot for a second I was listening to a review as it just felt "right" and a song i would have intentionally be playing or something pre sorted for me on Spotify, etc.  Dig the song, your voice, the vibe, nice guitar parts too that I picked up on.  Genre wise - it's a little outside what I'm usually looking for on the label or publishing front. I just clicked to check out the rest of the album and will see if there's something that might work for our playlist at We Are: The Guard.  Also for promotion - seems like you're on the write track with the Boston Globe write up.  I have a lot of marketing advice in a new book I just released (#1 new release on Amazon in 7 categories)...feel free to pick up a free copy here:  Also, this might be your first thought - but have you tried working TikTok - it's not the genre you normally think of for what you're doing but there might be something that might translate ... there's probably a corner of that app where your fans are. Hope it's helpful.  

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