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Dread Fury is a singer-songwriter, who hails from Ilford, Essex, UK. He is a one man band in the studio and uses a loop pedal live, creating an invisible band with groove that makes it impossible for the audience member not to dance. A multi-instrumetalist who plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, harmonica and percussion as well as sings, he is best known for tracks such as "Curse Of The Devil", "Don't Worry" and "Miss Super Lady" in particular.

His influences include Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, Sananda Maitreya (formerly known as Terence Trent D'Arby), Roachford, Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Joan Armatrading, David Bowie, Blur, just to name a few.

Dread Fury has built a reputation as an exciting live act, performing as a one-man-band in open mics and gigs in venues such as The Dublin Castle and The Mildmay Club. His vibrant performances, are loaded with loads of groove, impressing watchers and earning him acclaim amongst his peers.

Specialising in alternative indie soul, he has two albums that have charted in the iTunes R&B charts and 4 EP's. His 5th EP, "Catch The Wind While It Blows," is due out in 2021. It is said to have been recorded at home during lockdown and is one of his most ecelctic releases to date, straddling from Acoustic to R&B to Blues to Hip-Hop. The title track's video was released on 27th November 2020 and has already amassed over 5,000 views.
Ilford, Essex, UK

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Alan Cross

Interesting lofi sound. I like the choice of sounds (the organ surprised me--in a good way.) 

What's the plan now? Radio airplay? Licensing? Something else? A couple of thoughts:

1. If there's money in the budget, make a video for YouTube. Even a basic lyric video is better than nothing. YouTube is still the biggest music discovery platform on the planet. For some people, if you're not there, you don't exist.

2. I like the licensing potential of this song. It's got a vibe that would work well for moody TV shows. Time to start talking to music supervisors. Look how Michael Kiwanuka managed to leverage his music.

3. Is there a 30-portion of the song you could carve out for use on TikTok? Again, the moodiness of the track might lend itself to some sort of TikTok use. 

4. Make friends with as many music bloggers as you can. Every one of them is hoping to discover The Next Big Thing. Distribute this song far and wide.

5. You'll need a social media strategy, too. What about getting something out on Instagram? Facebook might work, too, because users tend to be older now. Older demos might be where you find the newest fans. And when you do find something responding to your music, make sure you engage them with a response.

6. Live gigs are obviously out of the question for the time being, but it's not too early to prep for the end of the pandemic lockdowns. Think about how you'd like to take this music to live audiences later this year.

Good start. Keep it up. I'll share this with people on my social networks. 

Bob Lugowe

Upbeat, chill song with a laid back groove and good artwork to match. Reminds me of strolling around a beautiful city in the summer (pre-pandemic of course haha). 

In terms of promotional advice, I would start by suggesting that you include links to hear more music / your socials, a brief bio + detailed description of the song along with lyrics. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for listeners to get the full picture of who you are and what you're about along with an easy way to find more of your music if they're interested.

If you're not already, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances.

If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a marketing firm that you feel you can trust and is a fan of your music to help with the release of your next single and/or album to help you get visibility on blogs, playlisting, print media, etc. If you're not already on a label, consider trying to get signed to one as they can help you with the promo and playlist pitching. Lastly, make sure you have a strong social media presence and that you're on all the right platforms (tik tok, instagram, triller, etc.) with a unique aesthetic as this will help you draw in listeners and hopefully stand out amongst a sea of performers. Having strong visual content and music videos can def help get your music out there more than just releasing it without any promotional effort. 

Best of luck!

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