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Marc Anderson DesRochers

Marc Anderson DesRochers

Marc Anderson DesRochers
Marc Anderson DesRochers is a Canadian singer-songwriter, son of a western cowgirl and an eastern coureur de bois, who blends varied musical interests into something that he can call his own.

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Tender Box by Marc Anderson DesRochers

Alan Cross

Ah! You showed up here, too! Good to cover all your bases.

Like I said in the email, this is really pleasant stuff. No notes from me on songwriting, performance, or production. It's all very good.

So what's the plan? A recording career augmented by live gigs? Full-time or part-time? Do you hope to license your material for sync projects? 

Canadian radio will be a tough nut to crack for this genre outside of the CBC and some community stations. Jazz-FM in Toronto might also want to give this a listen. However, don't limit yourself to this country. Try submitting material to the BBC and other foreign broadcasters. 

You'll need a social media strategy that has you answering every comment that comes in. Turn those early fans into evangelists. Give the nature of the music, I'd start with Facebook because it tends to be used by an older demo. But don't ignore Instagram or TikTok. (TikTok is the wildcard here. Interesting things are unexpectedly blowing up.)

Back to licensing. You might want to start making friends with music supervisors. Getting a song in a TV show, movie, or commercial can be a very big deal. 

Do you have a manager? You'll need someone to take care of the business side for you. Part of a manager's job is to beat the bushes with your best interests in mind. And when we get back to playing live, get an agent. This kind of music is best heard live in an intimate setting.

Any interest in signing to a label? Reach out to one every day regardless of how unlikely it might be that they'd be interested. You never EVER know. And what would be the harm in reaching out to a well-known artist or two? They're just sitting around with nothing to do, just like the rest of us. Maybe you'll make a friend.

Hope that helps. Meanwhile, I'll send this out on my social networks. Hopefully that will spur some interest.

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