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Józio Music

Musician based in Brighton, UK. New single “Lost” out now.
I'm Joe, aka Józio, my Polish nickname and artistic moniker. I'm a music producer based in Brighton, UK, primarily making alternative electronic music with pop, rock and R&B influences. I'm working on an album, to be released late-2021, supported by a number of singles which I'm releasing over the course of the next few months.
Brighton, England

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Lost by Józio

Benjamin Groff

Hi JOZIO - Nice track - I liked it - reminded me of some MUSE type vibes in places if that makes sense.  I see what you're saying on the 2 different "voices." To me - when I originally heard it without reading the description - I thought - hmm, do they need that distorted vocal on there - I can't really hear the lyrics.  So that might be a consideration.  Without "telling" someone specifically the approach and concept - I'm not sure that will come through.  Just an idea.  I just listened to the beginning again and my hunch is the lyrics are so good...you want people to be able to hear them.  I'd maybe look at Nine Inch Nails and see what Trent does in these types of situations...maybe there's another ay to express that sentiment.   Yah - just listened again and I can't hear the lyrics and they're too good to not be heard in my opinion!  As far as promoting the music...i have a whole book that just came out on the subject (#1 new release on Amazon in 7 categories)...feel free to check it out here and get a free PDF if you like.  https://www.benjamingroff.com/get-the-book  Hope it's helpful!

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