Federico Procopio

Federico Procopio

Federico Procopio

Professional musician/producer/audio engineer
The encounter with music occurs very early, when he starts taking piano lessons. However, he shows a stronger interest in guitar.
Thus began a journey of discovery in the musical world that will consolidate into a wide knowledge of music.
Coming from a jazz education, expanded by arrangement and audio engineering studies, he finally came to the interest in composition and electronic music.
music professional, music production, music composition
electronica, downtempo, ambient, soundtracks
Rome, Italy

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Søren Lund Korsgaard

I like how the track builds and builds and you add layers upon layers. I do miss a more memorable melody along the way. The underlying synth imitating strings also sound a bit too artificial and dull, at least to my ears ;) But you got a lot of potential! Gonna follow you on Spotify :) 
Best of luck! 

Tim Medcraft

Hey Federico,
Thanks for sending this over, and nice to hear some Ambient for a change!
My feeling on this particular track is that it ends too early; it appears to be building and developing and going somewhere further and then just stops.
I also think you might need to look at the drums as they should really develop as opposed to work as a metronome.  It would give it an extra dimension.
I also did a bit of digging on your previous material.  It would be interesting to use some of the percussion from the jazz material together with these ideas.
I'm thinking along these lines:  
Alternatively on the extension of idea point I would reference this:
And also some Pete Namlook
I think you can take things further (I may have mentioned that)
Promoting wise a lot of this can work for tv and ads, but it is also a very saturated area.  So your best bet is to build your rep so I would target radio first, and maybe also video accompaniment
As you are based in Italy I would also suggest contacting Kumo Records 
I trust that helps.  It would be interesting to hear the new record too

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