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Andreas Kretschmer

Andreas Kretschmer

musician, electronic live act
one fine day, humanity will be replaced by techno. So I’m trying to make techno a little more human. What this means: I produce electronic music that also features instruments and elements that are usually found in bands and non-electronic music. I sing, I play guitars and bass, I mess around with analog synthesizers.

I’m kind of trying to explore the musical area in-between indie, house and techno. My music is wide-ranging: Melancholic, uplifting, pSyChEdELic, weird, angry, smooth, (…). I see no point in restricting.

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Rewind by Andy's Echo

Benjamin Groff

Hey Andy!  Glad you enjoyed the release blueprint course!  Means a lot to hear that feedback.  

I took a listen and definitely a solid track.  I've always loved the DJ / music element and especially today when people can't play and just push buttons - that can really mean a lot.  I have one thought though.  If there's going to be a live highly musical element to it - i would stack your track with more musical moments and have some more musicality in there in my opinion.  So - instead of something that could be programmed to have real musicality, solos, etc. in the track, maybe featuring different instrumentalists, instruments you won't hear in techno - and then you're not just standing out on the stage but also the music, which is square 1.  

So - yah, definitely I like your mission!  Track was really strong too.  I would just take it one step further and really stand out and "own" that area.  

As far as AWAL - they just were sold to Sony!  So i'm not sure if i still have pull there - but i would just submit the application and have a hunch you shouldn't have too much of a problem?  You can let me know though if you do @ there's a contact form there.  

But as far as finding more opportunities for playlisting etc - it's all about you (or in my case with my label, myself and the artists) bringing the compelling drivers and also the music to get that playlist action - so just some food for thought - like switching to AWAL might be helpful but it's not the magic solution, in my opinion , for what it's worth though they are the best in my view!

Hope that's helpful!  


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