Joseph Doris

Joseph Doris

Joseph Doris

Palace Cats is Joe Doris and James Bowden, two close friends with a mutual love for psychedelic guitar music. The duo have played in bands for a number of years, and following the death of their best friend and drummer James Murgatroyd, they find themselves now as a two piece. Despite their loss, they still have as clear an artistic vision as ever. 

A doctor and teacher respectively, COVID has presented challenges professionally and musically. The pandemic has not dampened any desire to create music, but has instead provided a new focus and something from which they can draw inspiration.
London/Oxford, UK

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Benjamin Groff

Hi Palace Cats - thanks for this submission.  I do like this piece  - nice vocals, production, sophistication (nice chords!), etc.  For myself and my outlets and channels i think the song might just be a little further out on the indie side for me and also while I do really like the dreamy vibes,  I'm looking more for songs that are a bit more tempo driven and reactive.  It feels though this song should resonate with the right audience once they hear it!  

Bob Lugowe

Nice, dreamy tune with lots of layer and atmosphere. The pink flamingo in the pool is a nice contrast to the somewhat melancholy aspect of the song, nice work. 
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Best of luck!

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