Evelyn Escalona

Evelyn Escalona

Evelyn Escalona

Singer- songwriter/producer
Detzany (Deh-tsa-nee)  is a rising Mexican-American singer-songwriter and producer whose raw talent blends genres with her powerful captivating unique voice and soundscape, she draws her lyrics from life experiences and challenges in her own words and story.

 Music became her life as a little child and started performing at just 12 years old, she was casted in lead roles in plays growing up and won 1st place in local singing competitions. Detzany was a part of the 2018 mutual album for the LDS church, performed for the 90&9 suicide prevention show called "Fighter" in 2019, toured through China in 2019 with a performance group as a solo artist. Sang the national anthem for the governor of Utah. Performed for Younique in a special recorded event in 2021 And the Utah Division of multicultural affairs non-profit organization. 

She graduated high school early when she was 17, And studied music production and vocal performance at Utah Valley University.  After graduating in 2020 she is focused to pursue her music career. And started releasing singles monthly and had success with her song “Way Out” that got featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist “Mixto” with upcoming Latin artists such as Kali Uchis, Bad Bunny, Rosalia, etc. And continues to work hard and release songs. You can follow her Instagram @detzany_ to stay updated on her latest journey.

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Benjamin Groff

Hi Detzany - thanks for the submission.  I like your artist name by the way!  Actually, I just left some similar feedback with another submission.  And maybe if this song is already done - I wouldn't change it - but you can use this advice for the future - which is the importance of the "riff" or what I call the 2nd melody.  This is essentially the underlying melody of the song instead of just "chords."  By turning your chords into a secondary melody i.e. a COPYRIGHTABLE guitar riff, bass line, keyboard figure etc...you switch on the brain to dive into not just the melody of the vocal but the melody of the harmony!  For a better picture of this - I wrote 3,000 words on it here: https://www.benjamingroff.com/blog/2nd-melodies-aka-the-riff  

So the idea is instead of "chords" in your song - what about muting the chords - keeping the harmony and instead building bassline, guitar riff, etc that outlines those chords.  Then you have modern counterpoint! 

It will make more sense though when you read the post - but I swear it's a secret ingredient in most of the hits in any genre and any decade. 

Dug the vibe here and the soulfulness...sounds like you're on the right track!   Having the 2nd melody theory in your toolkit I think might take what you're doing to the next level...the writers and artists I work with - we talk about it all the time. 

Hope it's helpful!


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