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Don't Move by Mya Lee

Brian Hazard

Apologies Mya! I see this was submitted some time ago but I never got a notification.

SoundCloud's poor encoding makes it tough to make precise suggestions, but I'll do my best.

Until the heavier kick comes in at 1:06, it sounds really solid! It might come down 2-4 dB.

The fill at 1:34 and the the quick notes at the end of each bar afterwards feel cluttered. The kick and bass are both competing for the sub bass range.

I'm enjoying the new elements around 2:15, the wide-panned arpeggios. It's building nicely!

Structurally this may be a tough sell, since there's distinct chorus or even a refrain that could serve as a hook.

That said, I really enjoyed it! 

I suspect my comments are too little too late, but I see it's not on Spotify yet. If I'm ever late in the future feel free to nag me directly at!