Trent-Jean Michel

Trent-Jean Michel

Trent-Jean Michel

One of the most surprising and immediately accomplished musical acts to emerge from Perth in 2020, Trent-Jean create larger than life pop music and play it live like their lives depend on it.

Debut single, 'Manchester By The Sea' ( drew immediate attention and was a feature in the international #WhyWontYouDanceWithMe Video Project (, amassing over 1 million views in under three weeks. The song also was awarded 2nd place in the AAA (Adult Album Alternative) Category at the 2020 Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition judged by The Cure's Robert Smith + Charli XCX..

"Trent-Jean, is larger than life pop, documenting the soundtrack of the woes and glories of human life. They will be THE must see, must hear band of 2021." - Andrew Thompson (Around The Sound)

“And let us embark to spark a fire, wild enough to warm the heart of this world” - Trent-Jean ⚡️
Perth, Western Australia

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B4IDie by Trent-Jean

Benjamin Groff


This is really really strong! Like enough to cause me to open up your profile on Spotify and listen to the other songs.  I love a great rock song especially when there's some tasty musicality and guitar riffs.  Dig your vocals and the production and the overall energy.  Really well done.  I'll tell you what we're doing a special this week on our We Are: The Guard playlist here: but if you can do me a favor and remind me at my contact form at I'll put this one in our playlist for next week!   

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