Jake Bonham

Jake Bonham

Jake Bonham

bassist in Dangerkids
singer/songwriter in Birdshield
music producer at Sonicjoy
Joshua Tree, CA

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biology by birdshield

Benjamin Groff

Hi Birdshield!  Sorry for a short delay in getting back to you.  First - I loved the video - so smart to do this with the type of footage you have here - assembling it into a real high quality video.  It also really accompanied the lyric - so, nicely done on that front!  I do have one comment that I hope can be helpful and you can take with you for the next decade.  For myself - I'm generally looking for more uptempo driven indie pop.  There are 2 reasons for that (besides my preference) 1) music supervisors are more so looking for that tempo and energy - thus if you are a publisher or a label, synchs is really how you recoup initially. and 2) radio is still hugely important and radio still is mostly an uptempo driven format.  Like the songs and tempos that pop off the page and help you get through the day.  So probably just from a starting point - you can leverage things (in my opinion) more in your favor by having higher tempo / higher energy songs - again, in general.  But I'm intrigued here enough that I will definitely check out some of your other songs!  Benjamin. 

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