Dylan Nichols

Dylan Nichols

Dylan Nichols

Dyllan is a synth pop songstress hailing from Los Angeles. Her interplay of edgy melodies, shimmering textures and unapologetic storytelling draw the listener into an intimate dreamscape of raw emotion. Her music fuses trap beats, 80s synths and electric guitars, swimming under a sultry, confident voice. Her single, “Walk Sideways,” premiered on Billboard Music, where she opened up about overcoming anxiety and shyness in relationships. Her music has been spun on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Discover Weekly, and featured on LA’s KCRW, Earmilk, and Ladygunn. She won 1st place in the Coffee Music Project songwriting competition for “How Can I Tell You,” a song about how she almost quit music in a moment of insecurity but decided to keep going. She was set to perform at SXSW right before it was cancelled because of the pandemic.  Dyllan released a quarantine lovesong called, “Quaranqueen,” in December, which she wrote and produced from her bedroom and which garnered 60K streams on Spotify within one week. Her next single, "Company (feat. kidgloves)" releases April 24th, 2021.

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COMPANY (feat. kidgloves) by Dyllan, kidgloves

Benjamin Groff

Hey DYLLAN - really nice vibes here.  I actually have one piece of songwriting and production feedback for you that might be helpful.  It took me 20 years to figure this out...but basically - I think a 2nd melody or "riff" in your production, however so slight or significant, could take your song to the next level. It might not be worth redoing this production but I think if you take this concept to heart it will perhaps even overnight retransform your writing and songs.  I wrote like a 3,000 word blog post on this so feel free to pop over here to hear more about what I'm talking about: https://www.benjamingroff.com/blog/2nd-melodies-aka-the-riff

Essentially it's about providing multiple lotter tickets and melodies for the brain to latch on to songs and at least for me, it's why some songs "light up" for me and others not as much. 

That being said - I love the vibe, your vocals, the delivery and the essence of the song and what you're doing!  Will check out some more of your music in the meantime but hope the above was helpful.  Sounds like you're on the right track!  Benjamin.