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Patient by Jake Daniels

Benjamin Groff

Hi Jake - I think this is a solid song for sure and also nice production and vocals.  If anything could be improved I would say that the lyric video is a nice placeholder but if you look into places like UpWork or Creative Commissions - you can probably find someone to up the ante on your lyric videos.  But certainly fine for now.  

On the creative front musically - I did really like this but would love to hear one extra deeper level of sonic identity - a sound that just could be yours.  I mean let's face it - we're in a climate of 250,000 + music releases per week - so while you've done really well on streaming - how can you 10x that?  And I think part of that answer could be too be more signature - and push the boundaries of your genre somehow.  Only you will know what that is of course.

But yah - super solid song and I'm going to check out the rest of your music on Spotify.  That being said not sure this one is quite right for me and my outlets but I'm going to check out some of your other music too.  Nice work and hope it's helpful.  Benjamin. 

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