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Jackson Schueler

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Lovely Girl by Drew Schueler

Benjamin Groff

Hey Drew - really slid song here all around - the song, production, vocals, etc.  First, I'm going to check out some more songs and dig in a little further as this was really strong. Second, if you're looking post release marketing ideas as your comment / introduction note suggests...look no further than this post / YouTube video I made.  There's 48 ideas here and you might have hit the jackpot!  https://www.benjamingroff.com/blog/50-post-release-music-marketing-strategies  Enjoy!  I would also resubmit to places like Submit Hub-other YT channels - you never know.  Maybe try some different "sideways" genres that you didn't hit up the first point.  Like - this is more pop to me - but maybe try indie pop next time around, etc.  Checking out some more and nice work.

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