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Smaller by Sleepy Jean

Alan Cross

Very sweet and wistful. The horns are an excellent production touch. This is certainly radio-ready for AAA, campus, and public radio like the CBC and NPR. If you have a good radio plugger, that's where his/her attention should be directed. Same thing for any publicist you might hire. 

Can you afford a YouTube video? Even a lyric video is better than nothing. YouTube remains the most popular streaming platform in the universe, so you have to be there.

This song is certainly a candidate for a licensing/sync deal for movies and TV. Time to make friends with some music supervisors. 

And hang in there with the pandemic. This has to end sometime and you'll be back to playing gigs. Nothing beats having an audience tell you the truth about your material in real time. 

Lemme forward this around to some people, okay?