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Macro by PCM

Jen Dan

Hi guys! This is exciting news that you'll be releasing your upcoming Macro album on May 28th! 
This title track is a lovely introduction to the LP as it gently and unhurriedly unfurls with glowing synth notes, like the slow dawning of a new and breathtaking day. You can picture the sun rising above a bucolic valley as the track moves forward.
There are also subtle lower notes that sound like rushing wind and a gentle, but drawn out press of buzzing notes that form a shadowy and more foreboding base. This burgeoning build up contrasts with the brighter, airier ambient tones of the song.
The lighter shimmering synths become more intense, like the sizzle of the sun on the wilderness, to the point of scorching the earth near the end. That sound overtakes the rest of the instrumentation, creating a disconcerting feeling of erasing the calmer nature of the landscape envisioned in the mind's eye...
But this too passes out of view, as the more serene ambience remains until the final moments of the song.
This absorbing and transporting track definitely takes the listener on a journey - at once meditative, but also filled with measured change. Impressive!

Mike Mineo

Lush, weightless-sounding synths envelop the introduction, with subtle melodic shifts occurring amidst a stable backing shimmering. A bass-y lingering injects approaching the three-minute mark, exuding a mysterious feeling that reminds me of 'Twin Peaks.' The lush ushering-in of the bass plays great amidst the illuminated nature of the synths. Guitar-like feedback and synth trickles past five-minute mark add great, texturally. A swelling feeling around 06:50 is also catching, exuding a spacey, intriguing vibe overall. The gentle bass pulsing and gradual lessening of synth intensity in the closing moments makes for a seamless, satiating conclusion. Thanks for sending this lovely ambient epic. I look forward to sharing this, and have already added to my 'Lush Indie Electronic' playlist on Spotify. Also, since you noted needing help with promotion, feel free to email me at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Thanks again for submitting! -Mike

Søren Lund Korsgaard

Really nice ambience you've created on this track. I like the many atmospheric layers and the Blade Runner like synth is a nice touch! Also the deep and dark bass works nicely.  I do however miss a bit more of a developed melody.  
Keep up the good work!
Best regards

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