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Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert

Hated Names
Anti-clique, if it sounds good its good. For the people that say "I listen to everything, except country"

Self produced, Hated Names is my alternative music project. I grew up in the country of Australia, with no exposure to music except for the likes of Nirvana, and Weird Al Yankovic. Yes, I heard Eat It before Beat it by MJ. 
After a loss in the family, I was left with an old piano that I meant to give away. Instead of doing that, I spent everyday playing terrible renditions of Scarborough Fair until I could make my own songs. It helped me with grief and set out a plan for my future: If I can save myself with this music, surely it has the potential to help others too!

Recently released a 10 track album delving into the topic of dependency; someone else, substance and ultimately myself.

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Little Liberties Album by Hated Names

Benjamin Groff

Hi Hatred Names - I'm digging the atmospheric and cinematic vibes here as well as the musicality.  Songwise i also like this and also the vocals. One thing, if it was me that I would look at is - for me at least - i feel the HH and the snare maybe even the kick is a touch distracting. Like it feels / sounds very stock.  Have you tried playing with replace those or maybe not even have it present at all?  Particularly it's the HH to me but maybe worth looking at. Dig the change of pace around 3 min 15 seconds but I also think more convincing drum sounds are really going to help with that.  Hope it's helpful and sounds like the project is going in a real artistic, sonic identity direction.  

Alan Cross

Interesting track with its various movements. Excellent production, too. This might just be different enough to catch the ears of some radio programmers. I'd certainly be willing to give it a feature on my station.

Tell you what: If you send me a high-quality MP3 and a three-line bio, I'll see what I can do, okay? Us

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