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Sunburnt Mind by Del Jade

Alan Cross

Nice work. It's a little hard to categorize in terms of genre, but it's certainly well done. 

A couple of questions:

1. What's your target audience? Whoever it is, make sure you pay very close attention to their feedback. Feed them more music as often as possible.
2. With material like this, data is going to be your best friend. When this is posted on the streaming music services, make sure you dig into the analytics to find out where you're getting traction. Where are your listeners? How many playlists have included your songs? Which of them have had the most plays? Data will be your guiding light about where to how and how to superserve your fans.
3. This might have legs in the world of sync and licensing. Maybe it's time to make friends with some music supervisors.

Good luck. I'll share this among my social networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.

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