Zach Bailey

Zach Bailey

Zach Bailey

Zach Bailey is an artist , creator , musician who writes and performs brutally honest and self-reflective poetry sung under a dreamscape finger-picked acoustic guitar.

Originally from Kansas, Zach played in a number of bands before moving to Los Angeles and traveling the world as tour manager for a number of up-and-coming productions.

Zach is now releasing music under his own name, sharing stories no matter how seemingly small, to uplift the important nature of our relationships.

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Corner Of The Universe by Zach Bailey

Benjamin Groff

Hey Zach - thanks for the submission - it is a really beautiful, nice and delicate, and intimate piece!  Reminds me of some early Simon & Garfunkel.  Love that line "between 9 to 6 and the suburbs."  Overall - have to say it's a really nice piece, great production and the whole vibe.  I just added it to our Weekly A&R chart at We Are: The Guard which you can check out here: Nice work and started following you.

Valida Carroll

Hi Zach,

Thank you so much for your submission.

This is lovely...In every way possible.

I love your voice...It's so soothing...I love your tone, cadence, rhythm...phrasing...All sounds really smooth. The lyrics are beautiful.

The instrumentation is simple, yet effective. You really don't need another sound. The way it builds is just perfect...And when the violins come in......Aaaaaah! Yes!

Zach this is great! I need this MP3...Please send over ASAP!

Thank you!