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Benjamin Groff

Hey Ralph thanks for the submission.  For some feedback - Blues / rock isn't my specialty but I have given a song to Eric Clapton and B.B. King in the past, etc.  One suggestion is we had to wait til 1:44 to get some real guitar solos going.  Being also a guitar major at Berklee - it's obvious your guitar playing is great - so especially if you have a blues / rock song - I think if you're B.B., Clapton, SRV, Robben Ford, or etc - it's key to put that guitar playing up front and center.  

My other other thoughts as far as promotion - I'd definitely check out and look into microsynch agencies like Marmoset Music or Music Bed - you an upload your music there and maybe get some small synch licenses.  Also there probably are definitely some blues/rock FB, Reddit communities and boards and YT channels that I think could help support? 

Sometimes being niche can be good, as you have a narrow tribe of supporters that will often embrace and support their own crew (if that makes sense). 

Hope that's helpful.


Mike Mineo

The suave vocals and forlorn regret - "what did I do?" - mesh well with the bluesy guitar additions and organs spurts. The nah-nah-ing vocal section plays with infectious enthusiasm, followed by a bluesy guitar emphasis around 01:50 that plays with gratifying results. Aesthetically, I'm fondly reminded of Paul Weller, with the successful blending of rock and blues, into an accessible and melodic hybrid with hooky enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing! Do feel free to send me an email at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in hearing about my PR rates and successes, since you noted wanting help with promo. I enjoyed this and added to my 'Best of May 2021' playlist on Soundcloud. -Mike

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