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Alan Cross

Nice stuff. Certainly in line with what's happening with rock and alt-rock today. However, I'm not sure about the middle section starting at around 2:42. I see what you're trying to achieve with the dynamics, but the way it's produced it doesn't quite work.

I'd almost consider an edit at 2:56 and restarting at 3:21. This would have the added bonus of bringing the song down to less than four minutes, something that might have an impact on radio programmers. (Silly, I know. But there are still people who think that way.)

Give the edit a shot and send it around to some friends who wiill be honest with you. And good luck!

submitted media.

Control (Official Audio) by Hello Companion

Alan Cross

Nice. A bit long for radio these days so I'd consider some kind of edit. Keep it under 4:30 if you can. (I know that's not fair from an artistic point of view, but such is the world.) Other than that, good performance and production. 

I'm not sure this is strong enough to be a single, but it's certainly a worthy album track, something for fans to later discover and enjoy. To be single-worthy, you need a couple of memorable vocal hooks beyond the underlying guitar riff. Remember that you're competing with the other 75 million songs on Spotify, including the greats of all time. Your immediate goal should be to continue to write, record, and grow. Build that portfolio of songs. 

What do you envision for your music? Where will it live? And do you have an idea of the kind of music fan you want to reach? You'll have to find answers for these questions in order to help with your career.

Keep working at it. Meanwhile, I'll share this around.

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