Jacques Graveline

Jacques Graveline

Jacques Graveline

Rock Band: Black Knight Satellite
The band "Black Knight Satellite" is a solid blast of rock music with fast paced energetic rhythms and sci-fi lyrical content that pull from religion, conspiracies and encounters of the 3rd kind.

Content can be found on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Music can be downloaded and viewed on YouTube, Spotify, and bandcamp. 

Black Knight Satellite attempts to be self sustainable as much as possible. Band members have technical abilities to record their own tracks, create their own band art, bolster PR, and manage themselves on the road while building excellent relationships connecting with fans and promoters.

The band members are art and music connoisseur of all types and genres. Their identity connect and reflect on how music and society influence image, culture and attitude. They are a product of their trendsetting galactic environment.  

Black Knight Satellite could be your new favorite Rock band. "The truth is everywhere".
recording engineer, networking, marketing, graphic design, content management
indie rock, music, art, fashion, travelling, photography
Peterborough, Ontario. Canada

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Baby Get Born (Lyric Video) by Black Knight Satellite

Alan Cross

I like it. Garage-y heartland rock. Sounds pretty radio-ready to me. But first thing's first.

1. Superserve whatever audience and fanbase you have so far. Turn them into evangelists for what you're doing. 
2. Consider posting something on TikTok. Take 30 seconds--probably from the chorus--and get it up there. It costs nothing and could turn into something organically big.
3. Follow up on your YouTube posts with more music. You can't possibly have enough stuff out there. You're not going to make money selling your music--no one is--so use these last months of the pandemic to prepare people for your live return. 

Tell you what: Send me a high-quality MP3 with a three-line bio and I'll see if I can get you some feature airplay on 102.1 the Edge. Deal?