Kenji Lancaster

Kenji Lancaster

Kenji Lancaster

Midnight Milestones
Midnight Milestones is a progressive alternative duo from Tucson, Arizona formed by Dylan Stanton and Kenji Lancaster. Inspired by elements of rock, pop, and other styles, they aim to create a new Musical Story with a touch of cinematic character. Dylan and Kenji met back in 2003 growing up together with similar hobbies and listening to the same music. In 2014 Kenji picked up the drums as Dylan started singing around the same year. They decided to move into an experimental field of music, leading to the creation of midnight milestones.
singing, piano, music writing, music curation
hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, indie pop, lo-fi
Tucson, AZ

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Meet Me in the Stars by Midnight Milestones - Topic

Alan Cross

Very pleasant and uplifting! Good songwriting, performance, and production. Nothing much from me on those points. 

Something like this could easily live on a number of SiriusXM channels, so make sure you submit everything to them. It's also something that music supervisors might consider for use in TV and film. 

Finally, I'd really consider carving out a couple of 30-second bits for posting on TikTok. Something like this could turn into some sort of wonderful organic thing if it's picked up and spread. You could even do something yourself.