B A N G A R A N G ®
Bone crushing guitars can suddenly overtake shimmering alien melodies, propelling the listener into an adventure-world of bent and twisted patterns - all in the span of 4 minutes. This is all best expressed during the band’s captivating live performances which may feature widescreen visual projections, occasional lasers, stage props, and delightfully unpredictable musical tangents.

NEW SINGLE "Altered States"

Baltimore, MD

Noise pop / “space trash dream gaze”

Randy Cochran / vox, drums, guitar, synths
Dalton Maize / vox, guitar, keys
Luke Mayhew / guitar, synths, horns
TJ Johns / guitar, vox
Kyle Maize / bass

music performance
indie rock, dream pop, shoegaze

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Altered States by Bangarang

Jen Dan

Wow, a really cool track that's definitely a stylistic hybrid!
The song takes the listener on a journey, from its relaxed classic pop start with jangling guitar chime; then a quick addition of skewed psych-guitar overlay and harmonizing vocals,  a bit of dreampop reverie interlude, and then the sudden introduction of a fiery guitar-driven indie rock ending.
While the composition is made with disparate parts, it all holds together with the mostly continuing supple bass undertow, mellifluous guitar line, and kinetic drum strikes. 
I'm definitely into the way the song changes, morphing from a casually sung (yet tuneful) retro-/psych-pop number imbued with some dreamy aspects to a cathartic indie rock conflagration. 
I'm excited to hear the rest of your output and wish you all the best for your album release.

Mike Mineo

Psychedelic guitar jangles begin alongside stirring, textured guitars to start -- while the vocals exude a spacey, consuming quality that reminds me fondly of '90s alt-rock in the vein of Manic Street Preachers and Suede. More recently, I'm also reminded of British Sea Power. In all, a fantastic sound -- the little glisten of keys around 01:23 adds wonderfully, as does the wordless vocals and jangly guitar work thereafter. The surfy vocal touch in the chorus, like around 02:10, is also catching. The intense two-minute finale invigorates with an excellent assortment of guitar-based intensity, this part particularly reminiscent of British Sea Power. Lovely, innovative stuff throughout the track! I've added "Altered States" to my 'Best of August 2021' playlists on Soundcloud and Spotify, and plan to feature on Obscure Sound in the near future. Since you noted needing help with promotion, feel free to email me anytime at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR services. Thanks for sending this fantastic track! -Mike

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