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Thinkinn by Claudia López - Topic

Brian Hazard

I see this is already on Spotify, so I'll lay off my usual detailed mix critiques.

You don't have an Instagram link in your Spotify bio! I highly recommend adding one.

You have a lovely voice, and what a fun arrangement! I like the electronic touches, but I'm not sure quite where to place this genre-wise.

Ooh, that synth solo! There's obviously some pop jazz going on, but I also get a gospel vibe (musically, not lyrically). The electronic elements make it tough to pin down.

For better or worse, I worry you're falling through the cracks genre-wise. It's a bit too sophisticated for pop, but perhaps too lightweight for jazz fans, and not modern sounding enough for electronic genres.

Regardless, I enjoyed listening to it! It's not a great fit for my Depeche Mode loving audience, so I don't think it makes sense for me to tweet it out.

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