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Maybe It's Too Late by NightNight

Charlie Ashcroft

A positively glacial slice of atmospheric electropop. I feel like this song and your previous single ‘Ashes’ are great examples of your work and certainly convey a good showcase of what you’re about as an artist. Excited to hear the record! I‘d be happy to support this track on my Spotify ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist once it gets released. 

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ASHES by NightNight

Alan Cross

This is cool! Phantogram-y. I like the darkness of the instrumentation, too. Nice job with the video, too. You've certainly got me curious about the rest of the album. 

Tell you what: Send me a high-quality MP3 and a three-line bio and I'll see what I can do about getting you some feature play here in Toronto. Use alan@edge.ca. Meanwhile, I'll share it with my networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.

Mike Mineo

Dark, cavernous synth buzzing and creeping vocals concoct a haunting aesthetic to start, building with a climatic allure (production reminiscent fondly of Depeche Mode). The one-minute mark sees a fantastic expansion, with moody synth arpeggio and rising vocals merging the intro's mysterious, subdued nature with a late-night club feeling, thanks for the synths -- this section enjoyably akin to Robyn and Röyksopp collaborations. "Ashes feel," verses re-emergence glides back in seamlessly. Chorus returns around 02:10 with similarly delightful qualities, the "only ever brought me home," bridge providing a satisfying structural twist at the precise/appropriate time. Thanks for sending this track! I look forward to sharing upon its release. Please send over the link on release day to mike@obscuresound.com, and also -- since you noted needing help promoting -- don't hesitate to inquire about my PR services' rates, success stories, and strategy. Thanks again! -Mike

Benjamin Groff

Hi NightNight - love the artist name and it matches the vibe of the music.  I'm a fan generally of darker music, so enjoyed listening to this.  Also nice work on the video.  My hunch is for the promotion of this and building your fanbase - my suggestion is finding the corners of the internet and Spotify, Apple, etc. that are your "tribe" here, your sonic "family" and reach out / connect, identify strong UGC playlists in that area and start building your campaign to see if they can help support your music ... As a bonus, there's a part of how to do that in my book here - if you want to go to here: https://www.benjamingroff.com/get-the-book and get the PDF for free.  I think I have a chapter on specific steps to do that, if you haven't already.  Also, you know which artists your potential fans are probably going to like in this space - so targeting those artists in campaigns that are just "set it and forget it" i.e. investing $20 / week in directing people to follow you on Spotify will pay dividends in the long run.  Really enjoyed the song - not sure if it's quite right for my channels at the moment - but it sounds like you're on the right path! 

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