Hadi Sarieddine

Hadi Sarieddine

Hadi Sarieddine

Singer-songwriter from Lebanon currently based out of Dubai. I have opened for James Arthur, Bastille, and Tom Odell. I collaborated with Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda on my song 'Clarity' which he produced.
Dubai (by way of Lebanon)

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Robal Johnson

This is beautifully produced and the arrangement is stellar. The lyrics are pretty and the chorus is catchy. I could definitely hear this in a tv show or film, so I would focus on publishing first. It’s cool that you have built a following on Twitch, as that shows you are technologically progressive, but are you selling tickets live? Are you building a fan base that will pay to see you? That is where labels are looking, along with follows on IG. The industry wants to see that you are a worthy investment with little money down and longevity. I would suggest including more of a biographical background, as well. It sounds like you have an interesting story and that is what people are attracted to. Please feel free to submit more as it becomes available and keep playing live to hone your style. If you create great music, you will find your way. Best kid luck. Cheers. 

Charlie Ashcroft

A rich mix of dream-like reflections and self-aware tales. The vocals inevitably take centre stage, delivering beautifully honest sucker punches throughout. A genuinely memorable hook! I’ll be featuring this on my next Spotify Fresh Finds playlist update.

Alan Cross

Mike Shinoda? Seriously? How did you manage that? Cool!

Great stuff. Jakob Dylan should be writing stuff like this.

Send a high-quality MP3 to alan@edge.ca (along with a three-line bio) and I'll get you some feature radio play in Canada.

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