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Adam Hill

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Adam Hill

Editor of Alphabet Bands and Founder of Morpheme Records
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Norwich, UK

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David Newell submitted media.

Calling Me by Midnight Mystery Club

Adam Hill

I'm really liking this, thanks for sending it over. Loving the big 80's synths, neo-disco groove and the hook is fantastic. I'm definitely going to try and make time to write about this on the sight.

Judging by the number of plays you've already had and your comments about radio support etc, I'm not sure what more advice I can give you about promoting your music. Take a look on Hype Machine, find sites that write about similar bands (The Explorers for example) and hit them up for some more coverage.  Hype Machine is a great place to get people listening and labels like to look at acts that do well on there.

Sir Video submitted media.

Adam Hill

Thanks for sending this over, the retro 80's vibe and synth-funk-pop groove is right up my street. There's great depth and richness to the sound as well as that super danceable beat, nice work.

As for promoting, try to make more use of your soundcloud account. You have 1500 likes on Twitter, your video is getting views in the thousands but your soundcloud plays are in double digits. Use that when pushing to blogs and online magazines etc. Soundcloud links across to Hype Machine as well so if you get written about by indexed blogs, you'll get more listens and potentially even more people writing about you.

Go on and look for sites that write about the music you are making, target them and see if you can get some coverage.

Good Luck!

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Zero Gravity by Martin Tillman

Adam Hill

I like it, I like the aesthetic and the sci-fi poignancy that lives within in. The strings are gorgeous and it is quite emotive. However, I'm not sure what it is.
By this I mean, from the description you sent, which is how you are introducing yourself to me and others, i'm not clear if this is meant to be taken as a single or part of a larger whole. In starting by talking about Superhuman (I'm presuming album but could be an EP or opera) without any real context, then a little about Zero Gravity, you have unintentionally confused the issue.
When presenting to writers and people you want to promote you, you need to be clear and specific. Think about what you want them to say, what is it you want them to effectively announce for you? Then frame your submission around that. You have the music and if pitched well and at the right people, you should get some good coverage.
Hope this helps.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spellt (60 Second Promo) by Hollywood Principle

Adam Hill

Just clicked through to listen to the whole track, loving it. Sounding big, confident and catchy. It's a great dance-floor filling pop tune that should go over really well. I love the balls of the song to announce a drop just before it hits and when it does it's pretty huge. You seem to be getting better and more assured with each release.

I will certainly be covering it when it goes live and I'll nudge some people to do the same.

I would recommend trying a couple of electro specialist sites like Harder Blogger Faster and Electronic Rumors, I'd also go for some that cover mainstream pop like Popjustice.  

submitted media.

Armchair Committee - Domovoi by Armchair Committee

Adam Hill

Ordinarily this wouldn't be my kind of thing but I'm enjoying the rawness and bluesy undertones. It's very well structured, in a way that I'm sure would go over huge in a live setting, and builds and rocks perfectly.

A quote for your PR machine? How about, "Armchair Committee will make your head bang, your feet jump and your ears bleed, and you'll love them for it".

Max Green submitted media.

Homebody by Max Green

Adam Hill

This is a really great, bright summer sounding tune, thanks for sharing. I love the colour and the lightness of the melody, the intricacy of the rhythm and the un-ironic and actually really rather perfect use of pan-pipes as well!
It's got this really wonderful innocence and playfulness about it as well as being gorgeous and infectious. Great stuff.

I've added this to the list of tunes I need to write about this week and am looking forward to hearing the EP in the future.

Jj Normal submitted media.

SMOKE by j.normal

Adam Hill

Turn around bright eyes! This is retro-tastic power ballad pop as seen via a view-master. Great job.
This has made me go off an investigate more about you, check out your other track and want to know more. It's fun, bright and does exactly what you said it would. I may well end up writing about this.
I see you've had some coverage already so I would suggest getting in touch with those sites again for future releases. Maybe have a look for any other similar sites that you could get in touch with for coverage, maybe some local community radio stations for airplay or bloggers who podcast.
Keep on keeping on though, this is good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Christoffer Davidsson submitted media.

Adam Hill

I like the soft dreaminess of this and the studio Ghibli-esque delicateness, yet listening I do find myself waiting for it to move on. I get that it is an afterparty tune, that it is for relaxing and melting away to but it almost does that too well and washes over you too easily. I was expecting it to change level slightly as it progressed, change tone or pitch or something.
That said, it is very relaxing and lovely and would make a very solid addition to a late night mix-tape.
If you want to get more promotion, take a look on Hype Machine for sites that post this kind of music and maybe look for a label or two that specialise in soft and dreamy, maybe Sleepy Bass Recordings for example.

Antiphonics submitted media.

Adam Hill

I really really like this. It's just gorgeous and absolutely something I would write about.
I can see that plenty of people have blogged about it already so your approach is clearly working. Maybe follow up with some of the people who have already posted about you as you get ready to release more tracks and/or videos to offer them a premiere. This could help build a relationship with some fairly influential sites and drive some good traffic to your tunes.

I'll certainly be in touch about the EP!

Fili Tha submitted media.

Thaquim's Guitaer by 1. Discoforticut

Adam Hill

I like this and will certainly be checking out more of your tracks. It has a really nice late night vibe to it; after the club feel. I did start to feel that it was dragging a little towards the middle but then the gear change came and came again and I was left thinking it ended too soon, nice job.
I'll keep listening but try a few of the blogs who post electronica on hype machine, they might be interested as well.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

Adam Hill

Thanks for sending this guys. We've featured a previous release from this EP and I'm absolutely going to be covering the full track on the site. I really like that you are playing with different aspects of the electro-pop genre and not just going for one sound fits all. This is a great dance pop tune, I love how (on the full version) the beat and bass really give it some depth and some ooomph.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Adam Hill

I love the visuals, quite poignant and wonderfully juxtaposed with the song. I like the production and arrangement of the song but I do worry that the discordant nature of the vocals could be quite jarring. Repeat listens really work though.

I've shared via twitter and would recommend seeking out blogs that enjoy experimental electronica, try some of these: