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Sarah Sommer

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Sarah Sommer

A freelance cat enthusiastic/writer who specializes in pop culture entertainment, independent music, and all things media.
Sarah has worked as a freelance journalist for online media for almost a decade. She has written for dozens of websites and reviewed hundreds of music artists, bands, films, books, and more. She has also attended several festivals and press events across the south eastern United States. Currently, Sarah owns and runs her own pop culture news website, as well as contributes to several others on a daily basis.
blogging, technology, music marketing, networking, copywriting, music writing / blogging, film / video, music reviews
indie rock, music, video games, film, indie folk, books, soundtracks, tv
Nashville, Tennessee

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Rain Valley People submitted media.

Suzie B by Rain Valley People

Sarah Sommer

This track has a relaxing quality to it that is very enjoyable. It wraps you up and takes you away while you listen. The singer's voice is part of that quality. He has a dreamlike element that is rare and it matches the background music perfectly. 

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Sarah Sommer

What a beautiful voice! Truly talented. The video is perfect for this track. The low key video style emphasizes your voice and guitar playing skills in a way that is very  engaging. The vocals can make you melt and that is what is important with this track and it is excellently put on stage with the guitar. There are no frills and I love it. 

I would love to hear more from this artist! 

submitted media.

Cleanse Myself Of You by Niden Kolev

Sarah Sommer

This is a really great track! It has a very unique sound that is reminiscent of Sonic Youth but, in my opinion, better. The instrumental background is fantastic. It is lively and fun and you can move to it. It never gets boring and it never falls flat. By the time the vocals come in, you are already in love. 

Ari Herstand submitted media.

Keep Fighting by Ari Herstand

Sarah Sommer

I absolutely love the pickup in this track. The chorus is exciting and catches your attention as it pulses by. Everything about this track is interesting and stimulating. The singer's voice matches also perfectly with the tempo of the music creating a hypnotizing hook. 

Billy R. Preston submitted media.

Manchester by memoryfield

Sarah Sommer

A good horn section can make or break a song and in this track it is a welcome addition! They add a classic and grand feel to the rhythm of the entire song. However, after the second minute or so, it started feeling slightly repetitive and I got lost for a brief moment. 

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Sarah Sommer

I absolutely love this. The lead singer is incredibly talented. His voice is surprising, dynamic, and just overall exceptional. The horn section definitely adds a punch to the track without being overwhelming and the instrumental guitar riffs are a perfect accompaniment to the singers passion. 

You can see how much everyone in this group seems to love what they are doing which adds a layer of fervor and animation to the music. It is often missed when a video is of a live performance especially in a studio but it is obviously these guys love what they do and love the music they are making. 

 I would love to hear more from this group and wouldn't be surprised to see an album blow up soon. 

Brenton Wlikinson submitted media.

Revelation Time by Romye

Sarah Sommer

A very interesting video that provokes an emotional response in the viewer!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Island Cottage by Sea Oleena

Sarah Sommer

This song is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. The singer's voice is ethereal and almost other worldly and beautifully complimented by the instrumental accompaniment. I felt a strong sense of comfort and overwhelming emotion from the song's arrangement and would LOVE to see an actual music video to go along with it. 

"Sea Cottage" hits an incredibly STRONG moment about 1:40 that makes it undeniably forceful and atmospheric. It was about here that I felt the strong desire to share it on my social media sites and ended up embedding the song on my Tumblr page.  

This song is really stunning.