Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

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Michael Anderson

Content Director for The Candy Network Spotify playlists. Public Relations/digital marketing for many.
blogging, music marketing, music publications, music writing / blogging, music blogging, spotify
rap, hip-hop, edm, chillout, instrumental hip-hop
APSU | MandersonMGMT@Gmail.com

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Samuel David submitted media.

Michael Anderson

This is super dope man. Would love to work with you on some blog placement if you're in need of it. Hit me- mandersonmgmt@gmail.com

Stephen Warner submitted media.

The Basement: Part 1 by Steve The Rapper

Michael Anderson

This is dope man. That subject matter can come off as a bit played out at times, but I think you spun it will. Good beat, and you road it well. Best of luck on the album release!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

Michael Anderson

I'm half way through this song and I am in love.

This is absolutely beautiful. Please keep me updated with your music- mandersonmgmt@gmail.com

Jonathan Davis submitted media.

Michael Anderson

I like the feel of the track and video together. The song itself isn't all the way there for me yet, but I definitely like the direction. Amazing production sample, so shout out to whoever is responsible for that. Keep at it, and good looks on the Based God crew neck. If you're ever interested in PR/blog placement services, get at me- mandersonmgmt@gmail.com

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Michael Anderson

Yes. Yes! YES! This is great. Beautiful visuals. Captivating production. Right up my alley. Thank you for providing me with a new "on repeat" track for when I'm doing homework. Haha. Would love to work with you guys further. Hit me sometime- mandersonmgmt@gmail.com