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Jakub Adamek

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Jakub Adamek

Transmissions from the psychedelic underground.
Weed Temple is the solo music blog and a repository of mind-expanding and boundary-pushing sounds curated by Jakub Adamek. Started in 2008 on Blogger, originally it was just another homespun blog with illegal downloads. After moving to Tumblr in 2011 and to WordPress in 2015, Weed Temple continues to grow and expand, collecting intriguing and strange psychedelic, experimental, ambient, drone, sound collage, mutant techno, freak folk and many other sounds.
music writing / blogging, music blogging
psychedelic rock
Krobia, Poland

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Will Peake submitted media.

Hot Air Balloon by Crystal Maverick

Jakub Adamek

Definitely on the poppier side of psychedelic rock, but hey, psych rock isn't all about tripping balls on acid. This one is more like some mild weed, the one that lifts your mood, but doesn't shoot you all the way into the stratosphere. You're still flying with Crystal Maverick, but as the track name suggests, it's a mellow hot air balloon ride, not a space rocket flight. And I'm a huge reverb fetishist, so the gentle, tasteful use of this effect really works for me. Great job!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Jakub Adamek

Utterly strange, yet very compelling and emotional. While the idea of combining blues lyrics with fried, glitched-out electronics may seem terrible on paper, in practice it works - imagine Jandek replacing his guitar with some cheap synthesizers and you get Claus Zinger. And those organ licks are ACE!

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Jakub Adamek

Deeply cinematic, plodding rusted industrial rock that has some hidden love for massive guitar drones. echoing riffs and distorted Teutonic ambience. It makes a killer theme song with its catchy choruses and crystalline production which still manages to pack a punch. Quite thrilling.