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Joe Ballard

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Joe Ballard

Editor/Feature Coordinator @ Infectious Magazine
Publishing grad from Illinois State University. I spent four years as Managing Editor at Mind Equals Blown and now work as an Editor for Infectious Magazine. 

We cover as many genres and artists as we can but we mostly stick to rock/pop-rock/indie/alternative. We're always on the lookout for great upcoming artists to work with.

I've also interviewed such names as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Josh Klinghoffer and Kat Robichaud of "The Voice" fame.
digital marketing, social media marketing, editing, music writing / blogging, music journalism, publishing, content management, music interviews
indie rock, indie pop, folk, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, post-hardcore, folk rock, experimental, post-rock
Peoria, IL

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Fourth and Folsom submitted media.

Golden Dunes by Fourth and Folsom

Joe Ballard

"Golden Dunes" is downright lovely. Straight from the opening guitar lines, I was hooked, and the atmospheric vocals match the music nicely. I think this song will be a big hit among your fans while bringing in some new ones as well. 

I would love to set up some coverage with you guys to coincide with the single's release on March 30. If you're interested, send me a message on here and we'll discuss it in more detail.

Thanks for submitting your music and all the best,


Kane Power submitted media.

Joe Ballard

Hello Ruth and Kane, and thank you for submitting "A Body" to me! As much as I like to give advice and constructive criticism to most artists, you two have left me stumped with this song. Normally with a song of this nature I would expect the piano notes to be lower, but I love that you changed it up and played higher notes. It was a nice surprise that hooked me in immediately. 

The drums sound almost tribal-like and they fit the song nicely, while Ruth's vocals remind me of Laura Marling at times. The transition from atmospheric vocals to spoken-word vocals just after the 2:00 mark is a nice touch and keeps the song from being too repetitive. 

Again, I wish I could give you some helpful advice but with "A Body", you did everything right in my opinion. I will definitely be sharing this song on social media and can't wait to check out "Pause Between Breaths".  

Richard Earls submitted media.

The Long Goodbye by Richard Earls & Thierry Audousset

Joe Ballard

This song is lovely. It has a very classic storyteller feel in the vocals and the laid-back vibe of the piano. The production feels much more clear and crisp than the songs on Volume One and maybe it's just me, but I detect a slight Tears For Fears influence vocally in this one. Speaking of which, at times you can almost hear an underlying roughness in there, a slight growl just waiting to come out. Maybe you could try exploring that in a future song; the potential is definitely there. 

Richard Earls submitted media.

Older Wiser Harder Volume 1 four track cd ep by Richard Earls & Thierry Audousset

Joe Ballard

It's difficult to give full feedback on teasers but I like what I hear on all four tracks - particularly the last two - and I would be very interested to hear the entire EP. It seems to have a mix of influences varying from 80s rock & roll to classical music with a bit of theatrics added for good measure. You don't hear a lot of this style of music these days - a shame, as it sounds like you're doing it exceptionally well. 

Miranda Johnson submitted media.

All My Woes by *Chi

Joe Ballard

"All My Woes" is an absolute beauty of a song. The main vocals are so heartfelt, yet subtle at the same time, while the yearning string parts are absolutely stunning. The backing vocals also add a special haunting quality that might not be there otherwise. All in all this is a song that music fans of nearly any background will enjoy. 

Anita Wilhelm submitted media.

I Have Lost Her by Sven Laux

Joe Ballard

I'm a sucker for any instrumental song that incorporates piano, and this one is gorgeous. The music truly represents the song's title and is something that many listeners (particularly fans of Explosions in the Sky's "The Rescue") should be able to enjoy. I do wish the beat the drives the song would have changed - even just slightly - at some point in the song. It comes off slightly repetitive after about four minutes  but the piano largely compensates for it nonetheless. Would love to hear more of Sven Laux's music.