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Kritzia Padilla

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Kritzia Padilla

Former Curation Editor Google Play Music, Songza
Professional music curator and former New Music Editor at Google Play Music and tech startup, Songza. I am passionate about music discovery as well as visual media such as photography, film, and television.
music tech, music licensing / syncing, startups, music curation
rap, hip-hop, funk, soul, alternative, indie, r&b, nu disco, disco, photography, tv, future funk
New York

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Gabriel Bass submitted media.

I Got Your Light by Kora Karuna

Kritzia Padilla

The arrangement is really nice. The song is sweet and overall solid. However, I think the levels need to be adjusted a bit. The kora is a little too loud compared to everything else. I know it's the lead instrument but it's distracting at times and sometimes too sharp. Overall I think the vocals need to be more prominent because the instruments are currently overshadowing you. But the song itself is very nice and I think these adjustments could make it better. 

Fredrik Jahn submitted media.

SilverTwins ft. M-Rock by SUNDAY FUNK

Kritzia Padilla

The track is very fun and sounds professional. It sounds like the kind of classic funk you'd hear at a wedding reception to get everyone on the dance floor. Perhaps my only critique is that it sounds so familiar which might make it more difficult to stand out. But it's very catchy and is successful in terms of being a fun track that people can dance to. 

I could definitely see this being used in a TV show or movie because it has that classic sound without the massive price tag.

submitted media.

Century Star by Valipala

Kritzia Padilla

What a journey! I didn't expect this song to go in the direction that it did. I really enjoyed the beginning. Vocals are very soothing and the melody sounded very pleasant. I personally would have enjoyed the song more without the heavy drum and bass breakdowns around :55 and 2:20. It feels like there's too much going on there. Maybe that's what you guys were aiming for. Depends on the intention there. If you're trying to shake people out of a comfort zone, then it works well. The last half of the song has a nice spacey electronic vibe. The breakdown around 3:07 works nicely and fits in well with the songs even though it's very different than the rest. I also really enjoyed the ethereal vocals paired with the instrumental build towards the end of the song. Very nice! Professional quality and overall great track, just not totally my taste with those 2 sections that I mentioned. 

Twinkles Twinkles submitted media.

Kritzia Padilla

I really enjoyed the melody, arrangement, and vocals for the most part. Overall a very nice, melancholy song. I didn't think that the climax around the 2:20 mark worked as well as the rest of the song. The vocals sounded a little more strained during this section. I would suggest working through that part a little more and playing with your range. My only other critique would be that the guitar is a bit distracting at times. I'm hearing a lot of vibration coming from some of the strings, particularly the higher notes. I am unsure if this is because of mic quality or because you're catching the fret. It was enough to pull me out of the song at times, but this is all something that can easily be improved. The song itself is great. Keep it up!  You can definitely carry this song without a full band. Check out  "Say It's Possible" by Terra Naomi for a similar example. 

Sound Energy Music submitted media.

King of the Jungle by Sound Energy Music

Kritzia Padilla

I like the intro and the way that you don't necessarily know where it's going, but still making sense as its own piece of music. The solo horn section with the sporadic drum is my favorite part. The transition to the upbeat and more chaotic section is good. It sounds professional and like something you would hear in a movie trailer. I think this is a good track for a music library.