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matt Tompkins

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I want to hear your music. I also want to pay my rent.

I write for two hip-hop/urban blogs (including, one of the largest urban websites on the entire internet [data:]), and have written freelance for XXL. My Soundcloud account (as of Dec 15, 2014) gets 12,000 plays a day.

 I'm sure we can work something out.
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submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I'm less than a minute in and I can tell you this is a BANGER.

When crafting a record, the intangible things, like grabbing someone within the first few seconds or with the delivery of your first bars is VITAL. I believe you capture that with this record.

If I were to critique, something about your flow is throwing me off, but that could be because I've been listening to stacatto/choppy, triplet flows from Atlanta trap rappers lately, haha.

Keep going!

Cole Connor submitted media.

matt Tompkins

As far as the video, I love what you guys did with what I assume was a small budget. The stylization of the captions was slick and creative.

Musically, I preferred the first and last MCs to the two in the middle. The flows seemed to fit the beat better and were a bit more catchy to me. For the first guy, I'd play with the vocal mix, as it seems like it might be stacked a bit too much, or has some sort of distracting effect on it. The middle MCs flows were just too slow and dated for my liking.

I'm definitely intrigued though, and would love to hear more from y'all. My twitter is @mtompy.

Bruce Wayne submitted media.

Right Side by Bruce Wayne

matt Tompkins

What's good,

This song is definitely hard; I could easily hear myself bumping this out of my whip. The video is artful, the beat bangs at just the right level for the mood of the song, and the auto-tune crooning fits and enhances, as opposed to being a crutch.

The only thing I would worry about is blending in too much with current sounds. Whether that's adding a different take on vocal effects, adding a unique sound to the beat, you want to make sure that you don't get lost in the sea of auto-tuned rap/sing-artists with ambient beats.

Keep working bro. So far, so good.

Johnny Crown submitted media.

matt Tompkins

What's good man,

First off, I like the beat, you can never go wrong with Cassius Jay and the gawd Zaytoven. The concept is also dope as well.

My biggest concern, and it IS a big one, is that your voice doesn't sound like it's mixed well. I don't know if you were in a DIY studio, but the song just sounds low quality from a sonic level, which makes what sounds like a cool, fun concept into something that's tough to listen to.

Beyond that, your ability isn't really in question to me. Just work on getting the technical aspects of the song ironed out and you should be straight.

Johnny Crown submitted media.

I like beats by King Sesame

matt Tompkins

Yo yoooo,

My critique here is going to be similar to the last one.

Strong beat selection, and a strong concept, lyrically. However, the low quality of the sound itself makes it hard to listen to the whole song, and ruins what I can tell is a GREAT idea.

Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

La La La (Calibrate Remix) by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith

matt Tompkins

- Overall, this is a great song.
- Love the added percussion, especially the hi-hat.
- Atmospherically, I like the vibe it creates

- It starts to get a bit busy near the end. Around the 4-min mark, the beat kind of zooms past the vocal.

Overall, like I said, I think this is great. I'd love to hear more from you in the future as you get tighter with the production. Keep working!

Geoff Benjamin submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I'm reviewing this at quarter till 2am, and this is the perfect time to listen to a track like this.

- the beat, especially the flute (sample or original?) are insane. Soothing/Relaxing, yet head-nodding.
- strong presence on the mic (reminded me of Two-9)

- the beat COULD have a little more oomph
-- piggybacking, overall the mix feels like it should've been altered in some way, particularly making the beat more prominent.

I really like this overall and would love to hear more. Keep working!

submitted media.

matt Tompkins

Wow! This was one of the better songs I've received in some time.

- Lyrically, the song is top notch
- the production is VERY nice

- Although I'm not sure if I personally feel this way off two listens (yea, I ran it back. it IS nice haha), there's a quality to your voice, either naturally or due to the vocal mix, that could be off-putting to the wrong listener. I'd have your engineer turn down some of the higher frequencies on the vocal track, maybe pitch your voice down, or a combo of both.

I don't usually do a long, drawn-out con like that, but there was little to improve upon, so I wanted to be nuanced in my critique. You have a gift. Keep working.

Cliff Green submitted media.

matt Tompkins

- Enjoying the ethereal quality in the vocal
- The song structure is cool
- I like the songwriting on this, I could hear a pop star singing these lyrics

- A bit too much effect on the vocals, from what I can tell, it seems like it's unnecessary.
- The production doesn't pack too much all
- The overall "sound" is dated

Overall, I hear a lot of potential and upside in this record, however I don't know if this particular track reached it. You (the singer/songwriter) have A LOT of potential with your voice and your lyrics. I would ditch this producer and go network with more talented people behind the boards.

Good luck, and keep working!

Louis Galvis submitted media.

Pink Break (Official Video) by Thee Nine Three

matt Tompkins

Ayyyy not bad bro!
- I liked the visual style of the video
- I liked the second and third verses a lot, especially lyrically
- It was an overall change-of-pace from the music that's out there to day, so it was an overall refereshing experience to listen to this

- on Verse 1, I felt like the vocal was a little over-produced, while at the same time a bit quiet.
- ...I'm honestly at a loss for cons haha.

Keep working and striving to be better. This is a great foundation to build from. Network with people in your area and get your rep up and grow. I'll be on the lookout.

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Time Machine (Prod. By NOBULL) by Block Scholars

matt Tompkins

- I like the beat, especially the bass drum and the sample
- Lyrically, y'all paint a great picture.
- I like the concept of the song overall.

- I don't like the way the vocal is stacked on the chorus. It's a bit grating.
- I'd try to add some more energy into the delivery. Something about it feels very "generic late 90s NY", and I think finding a way to twist that and make it unique would be in your best interest.

Not a bad place to start. Keep working and keeping me posted on new music!

Christopher Gettens submitted media.

Valleys - Part One by The Getten Brothers

matt Tompkins

Wow. Where do I begin...

- Visually, I can tell that you had a small budget, and what you were able to do with limited resources was great
- I loved the overall theme of the first song, and some of the wordplay and rhyme schemes of the second song
- I love the overall vision and direction you have, and would love to see it scaled to another level

- Because of the technical limitations, there were times when I felt taken out of your vision (there was a scene with a girl in the shower, the way it was edited felt off tonally, like it didn't fit with the rest of the video). 
- The second song felt corny at parts, mostly when using dick euphemisms.
- There were times in the second song where I wasn't sure if the lack of rhyme scheme was out of art or laziness.

Ultimately, I liked this, and would love to hear more from you (aka send the next part when it drops!)

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

matt Tompkins

- Overall, it sounds nice. The song sounds like an enjoyable, fun club record.

- I can't really tell much from a 30-second preview. Ha!

Thanks for the submission, and the next time you have some new music (hopefully longer), be sure to send it through!

Rod Goldsmith submitted media.

matt Tompkins

- The visual itself is hot.
- The bars are nice.
- The beat is smooth and relaxing.

- The beat and lyrics feel like they don't "fit" sonically. That's either because your voice just doesn't fit the sound or the mix needs work.

Overall, it's a strong track and I hear your potential bro. Keep coming with it, and let me get a longer taste next time (pause) !

Jesse Burnam submitted media.

The Come Up (prod. Trakksounds) by Lo Thraxx Ft. Roosh Williams x Doeman

matt Tompkins

This track is STRONG!!

-The beat is incredible. Go find KRIT and let him drop 16 on here with y'all >_>
-The flows were diverse, quick, succinct, and syncopated.
-It's just a furious head-nodder throughout

-It's not necessarily catchy. It's not a track that would make an artist blow up, but it will turn heads and pique peoples' interest.
-For some (not me personally), the flows could be a bit dizzying.

Great track overall. Keep working!

Mister Appleby submitted media.

Drinkin' by Appleby

matt Tompkins

I think we both know that the song is great haha. I'll try to break down what I like and possible places for improvement though.

What I Like: Your voice is great, your ability to both rap and sing shows versatility, the lyrics seem real and heartfelt, but I think what struck me the most is the musicality of the whole record. The build-ups in the verses, the palpable energy, and then it decrescendos back down to the "i've..been drinkin" in the chorus. Too much music today is just a loop with no variation, so when people realize that music should have some musicality, I recognize it.

In all honesty, the only thing I heard that could be improved upon would be the "I've been sippin on, I've been sippin on" before the rap begins. Rhythmically, the way it repeats, the phrase sounds like it might be a bit short or edited in a jumpy way. It just hit my ear weird.

Not a negative or positive, but your raps/verses (vocally) remind me of a mixture of Kid Cudi and a guy I went to college with. Here's his one music video if you wanna listen for any resemblance:

Keep working and feeding me ear candy though.

Nancy Byron submitted media.

Back Words by Joyner Lucas

matt Tompkins

Definitely liked the concept, going back and forth between the different portions of the beat. I don't know if there's much room for improvement to be honest haha. Rhymes are strong, production is quality...I guess just keep tweaking things and keeping a strong ear to make minutiae cleaner and better, and experiment with more cool concepts like this.

Nancy Byron submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I'm pretty sure this is the first track that I've clicked the "LOVE IT" option for when critiquing.
The beat is incredible, 11/10 stuff. Is that a sample or someone really singing?

The hook is subdued-yet-hypnotic, the perfect tone. At the beginning, the vocal mix sounded like it may have been to clean on the verses, but after rewinding once, I didn't hear whatever it was that made me think that. Might be something to play around with.

All in all, this is a great track. Keep working and keep me posted on new material.

Adam Tatum submitted media.

Vertigo by Bishop3rd000

matt Tompkins

- The beat on this song is INCREDIBLE!
- Your delivery is thoughtful and energetic.
- I like the message on the record.

- This might just be your voice, which you can't help, but your vocal kind of reminds me too much of DMX.
- Something about the vocal mix sounds off, making the track sound incomplete.

Ultimately, I think this is a great jumping off point. Keep working and improving on your rapping and you could do big things. Good luck!

00 roney submitted media.


matt Tompkins

First off, ditch that creepy intro.
The beat is nice, and as a Jew, these lyrics hit ALLL THE WAY HOME lmaooooo! 
Honestly, the only thing that I don't like, and it's a big thing, is the vocal mix. The way the vocal tracks are stacked makes it sound a bit amateurish. Beyond that, keep working, and I'd love to hear a re-mastered version of this ASAP lol.

Tre' Banks submitted media.

Chase Money (V.2) by Rahiem Supreme

matt Tompkins

This song has me conflicted, haha. I liked your flow, and the chorus is catchy.
However, something about that main, oriental, clanging melody gave me a headache, and I had to fight the urge to turn off the song to continue listening. I'm sure a song with a more understated melody and balanced mix would be extremely palatable!

submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I really like this. I feels like an amalgamation of the best parts of Dizzy Wright, Casey Veggies, Rockie Fresh, and others of their ilk. The content and the flow were on-point, as was the beat. 
The main criticism I'd levy is I feel like there's something in your voice, either due to your delivery or the way your voice was mixed, that causes the record to not have the punch or power that it could. It feels a bit too subdued.

Keep grinding though man, I enjoyed this.

submitted media.

Payoffs (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Elijah Muhumuza

matt Tompkins

Wow. I'm extremely conflicted with this record/video.

The video is great. The production and cinematography is high quality and would stand up against artists currently in the industry in my opinion.

The music, however, needs a lot of work. The vocals are reverbed to hell and the mix is muddled. Also, your delivery and flow are a bit monotonous and nervous, like you're reading off a piece of paper; it reminded me of the times I tried to rap in college. 

Something worth noting that I think will help you in regards to rapping, is to try to notice the inflection you put on words. If you're rapping about something that makes you angry, add a snarl or a shout to it; something more mellow, melancholy, or lover-y, add some extra breath for an ethereal effect, things like that.

Good luck man. & keep your video director around.

jason nesbitt submitted media.

matt Tompkins

Love the sample/production, the melody on the chorus, and for the most part, the bars. The second verse was a bit too off-kilter flow wise, but keep working and you'll eventually put it all together.

jason nesbitt submitted media.

matt Tompkins

This might be one of the few instances where a rapper/singer's rapping is more preferable to me. Something about your voice is a bit nasally, and it makes your melodies off-putting to me, personally. Beyond that, the production is nice, the verse was strong to me, but I would've like another 16, it felt short (and, i mean, it was haha).

Keep working though, it's not like you're a struggle artist or anything, just have to focus on your strengths!

Shiyana Bellamy submitted media.

"Doin Us" by Elevator Jay

matt Tompkins

Bruh. Bruh.


I love this. The video is artful and incredible, your voice is commanding on the mic, your lyrics are real...BRUHHHH.

I try to give critiques on all of the videos submitted to me, and if I had to nitpick anything, it would be that you might sound overly similar to Big KRIT...but, you can't really control how your voice sounds, haha (a lot of people gave that same criticism to rapper/singer Pell, comparing him to Chance The Rapper, but he's starting to get his deserved shine as well).

Keep it coming!

rudeboy bambino submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I definitely dig it and see the potential you guys have. The production on the record in particular is nice. 

My main critique would probably be in the flow/delivery department. It seemed like y'all accented your words awkwardly (de-sign-ER be the linen, things like that), and there were parts where it felt like you guys weren't in the pocket of the beat. 

Visually, the video was very chill and shot well, the only thing that stuck out to me was that you had the crew walking down the street, and were standing on an ATV in another shot. Next vid, try to ride the ATV thru the hood!

Keep it coming, and keep working, and you get where you need to be.

Heron Rodriguez submitted media.

Errbody Lookin' (Explicit) by Heron Rodriguez

matt Tompkins

It was cool, I can see this doing numbers in the club. Something about how the vocals were tracked/mixed is throwing me off (unless it's your voice lol >_>). But musically and lyrically, I can dig it.

Cold English submitted media.

matt Tompkins

I really liked this. I felt like I was in the session or at a show watching as you performed, very immersive sounds (credit to the engineer). The story captivated me, the instrumentation was dope as well.

To nitpick, the flow/delivery may have dragged a little bit (tempo-wise), and there were times I felt the vocal track could've sat a little lower in the mix, and have it mesh a little more with the instrumentation.

King Sesame submitted media.

My Red Octobers by KING SESAME

matt Tompkins

Love the melody! Harkens back to older tracks that are accessible to all ages. I'd continue to hone your production and recording process to create more tracks like this. You're on the right track though, I could see a song like this being licensed for a shoe commercial (if Red Octobers had commercials haha)

King Sesame submitted media.

King Sesame -I'M HOT B! by King Sesame

matt Tompkins

I like your flow and the beat on this record. The two places I see for improvement:
1. Content - You use the chorus to talk about how you're like all of these other people. Next time, find a way to show how you're different, how you're better than them.
2. Energy - It kind of sounds rehearsed, like you don't actually believe the things you're saying. Whether that's a function of not having energy in the studio, or your vocal being poorly tracked, is something you'll have to take into account on future records.

Keep it coming though!

King Sesame submitted media.

matt Tompkins

Dope flow that moves between different, nostalgic styles; the New York influence is definitely evident. The only thing I would recommend is getting in a bigger studio and getting a new mix or re-recording the record, the was a lot of low quality and static to the production and recording. Keep grinding though, the potential, ability, and vision are here.