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Max Schneider

Writer at & Press at Buddyhead Records
How can I help you with your musical endeavors? Well, for starters, music is what I do.

I currently work for Buddyhead both as a writer for the site ( and as a press representative for Buddyhead Records. Prior to Buddyhead, I spent time in Seattle and Los Angeles working for Live Nation Entertainment on some of the most high profile concerts, tours and festivals in the US. I have been lucky enough to experience, and work in, many different aspects of the music industry including venue management, running a small label, music journalism, live music photography, booking and artist management. In addition, I am a musician myself and have played in bands my whole life. Most importantly though, I am simply a fan of music. 

Send me your music and I will give you honest, thoughtful feedback using all of my experience to the best of my ability. 

A little more info on Buddyhead:

Buddyhead is a music "webzine" and independent record label formed by Travis Keller in the summer of 1998 in Hollywood, California. Buddyhead is notorious for outspoken criticism of popular culture and the music industry. Their infamous gossip column resulted in Buddyhead being sued over a dozen times by numerous celebrities and record labels, including Korn, Courtney Love, Fred Durst, Moby, Drive-Thru Records, and, most recently, Axl Rose
In Keller’s own words the site began “Because there was a slew of bands and artists that deserved greater attention than they were receiving. The idea was to illuminate good art and make ourselves laugh once in a while too. Cuz what's the point in anything if you aren't laughing? The record label evolved as an extension of that same spirit that was on the website, to actually release the music we thought deserved attention and that nobody else would touch anyway. We love art." To date Buddyhead Records has released more than 40 records including material by Dillinger Escape Plan, Mudhoney, Murder City Devils, Ink & Dagger, The Icarus Line, TEXT and many more.
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Recent Feedback

natalie bancroft submitted media.

Someone to Watch over Me by Natalie Bancroft

Max Schneider

I like the moody, brooding take on an old classic. This song has been done so many different ways but I really like the cinematic elements of your version. Good stuff!

Luis Bonilla submitted media.

Nature Of The Beast by The Von

Max Schneider

This song is rad! Right off the bat I hear strong influences from The Sword (especially the new record) and Queens of The Stone Age - a huge compliment in my book. 
The guitar work stands out as catchy and intricate without being overly flashy and the track as a whole is chock full of hooks and tasteful dynamics. 
Personally the vocals sounded a tad bit dry in the mix - I think a little more reverb/delay would really make them pop a little more. I also would have loved to hear a full blown, rippin' guitar solo, but I'm really just scratching at straws here to point out anything about this song that isn't perfectly executed and to give some constructive criticism. Overall this fucking rules! Good stuff dudes and I'll definitely keep an eye on what you guys are doing

Mike Fullarton submitted media.

Country Blue by The Breathing Room

Max Schneider

This song kind of caught me off guard at first to be perfectly honest, but by the end I was completely sold. I really dig the dark, brooding, groovy country western feel and the sparse, moody vocals. Definitely something I can see myself turning as the soundtrack to a summer night of smoking and drinking whisky on the porch. Good shit!

Twinkles Twinkles submitted media.

Blithe by Tw*nkles

Max Schneider

I gotta say, this is not exactly my kind of music - but I do enjoy it for what it is. The first thing that comes to my mind when listening to this is massive attack (one of the few bands of this genre I listen to) due to the atmospheric production and beat. The vocals are the strongest part in my opinion, adding trance-like and act as another fitting layer to the piano and string laden synthy soundscape of this Blithe. 

Mary Beth and Ben James submitted media.

New Boo by The Canyoneers

Max Schneider

I think this is a really solid song. You've got a solid blues based rock sound with some serious attitude and a nice hard rock edge when when things really kick in. The guitar work is nice as well, although  feel the guitar breakdown riff near the middle sounded a little noodley and lacked direction. However, that does not really hold the song back much at all. The dual vocals are also a nice touch even if the female sounds a tad clean and polished for your sound. 
I am pretty nitpicky when it comes to dynamics in songs and I gotta say you guys pretty much nail it. The only thing I really felt was missing was a guitar solo. The guitar playing on this track rips and I have no doubt you could lay down some fire. 

Keep doing what you're doing!

Ernest Griffin-Ortiz submitted media.

Upright Mammals by Sam GO

Max Schneider

This song is rad man! I'm not generally a big fan of pop, but you absolutely nail it. 
The production is killer... dynamic and fitting for the mood of the song. Witty lyrics, a really strong vocal performance, this track is strong all around. Part of me wants to to hear some guitar layered in, but that is by no means something that stands out as missing.. just a thought. 

This is really good shit. I'll keep an eye out for your stuff in the future

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Max Schneider

I dug this song right off the bat. You've got a nice atmospheric intro and the gritty vocal sound compliments it well. The dissonant, ambient guitar fills between versus was a nice touch as well. Everything related to production, sound is great and fits the sing well. Gotta say though, I was kind of waiting for this song to get huge, and it never really came. feels a little like a tease man. That's my only real criticism of this song. For me, dynamics are everything and it felt like you had chances to change up the sound a little bit as you went, maybe adding bit players. The songwriting talent is clearly there, I just think that song could have used a few  tweaks 

Frank Fusco submitted media.

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Max Schneider

After a first listen I gotta say I dig this song. You've got a nice solid power pop sound going on and each part of the band does just enough to keep it interesting without being flashy or over the top. I gotta say though, the drums sound pretty mechanical and I think the effects on the vocals are a little overdone. I think the vocals themselves are strong, but they sit a little to loud in the mix for my tastes. Apart from that, this is a solid song. None of those things I pointed out a deal breakers by any means and I think you guys have a good sound.
Good luck!

John Aulabaugh submitted media.

Road Less Traveled by John Aulabaugh

Max Schneider

First off, I think you have a really full and balanced sound that is only made better by your voice. The production is great. Now, the song itself I actually really like as well. I think it is very well written and sung perfectly. The instruments are arranged nicely and the organ/strings in the background help fill out the song. I have to admit that I am not usually a big listener of country/americana, but this is definitely the best song of that genre I have received on here so far. 
Anyway, the once criticism I have for you - add some dynamics. This song was long enough that it deserved to have a bigger ending. I felt as though It was building toqwards something, but I was bummed when it never went anywhere.

Overall though,

Good Song!


Ben Edetti submitted media.

Good Girl by Juliet and The Raging Romeos

Max Schneider

I really dig this track! You nailed that raw, punky sound without going over the top. Gritty, not shitty as I like to say. The song is well written, managing to adhere to familiar garage/punk traits while still sounding fresh. I think the vocals sound a little thin in the mix, but that is really my only complaint and it's a small one. Good job!

Bryan Clearside submitted media.

Short Division by Clearside

Max Schneider

I'm not gonna lie,electronic music in general is not my strongest subject when it comes to metal and I don't know much of the jargon and/or terminology usually used by people who know this style of music well.
That being said I think, for the most , this is a really strong track. It has a cohesiveness I often find lacking in this genre and, even after the "drops" it manages not to devolve into what I can only describe as the sounds of a lot of machines breaking simultaneosuly, better known as dubstep.Actually though, as the track progesses I really enjoy the how you switch up the rhythms, add new parts, layer background synths, add new lead lines etc. It does wonders for the listenability of this song, especially as it is pushing the seven minute mark. I also particularly enjoyed the short "breakdown" of sorts beginning at 3:16 and ending around 3:27. This perfectly illustrates my point. It's something new, a break for the listener, something unexpected. And, although it utilizes the over the top sounds i referred to as machines breaking earlier in the article, this section is tastefully done and adds some flair and personality to the track.
As far as things I wasn't so thrilled on, honestly the length is the only sticking point for me. I think it felt a little bit stretched. There are a lot of really cool musical ideas and paths in this song, but I think shortening it a little bit, trimming the fat if you will, would go a long way to to improving the listening experience. 
Overall though? Great track

Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Elizabeth Distressed by The Paper Jets

Max Schneider

Great tune guys! This an expertly crafted punky powerpop song in the vein of Ted Leo, Frank Turner and Dave Hause but, although Elizabeth Distressed is instantly familiar and reminiscent of many more established artists, it is distinclty The Paper Jets. I think every part of this track is very well done. The songwriting is not groundbreaking or pushing the envelope musically or lyrically, but it is confident and unapologetic, not trying to be something it's not. It's a catchy, perfectly executed, straight up rock and roll tune; something that is rapidly becoming harder to come across but never fails to bring a smile to my face. And this song brought a huge smile to my face. I am going to go and listen to anything and everything you guys have up online as soon as I am done writing this. 

Guys please keep me updated on what you are doing and send me new music whenever it's out. I can honestly say this is the best track that has been submitted to me on here so far, definitely a pleasant surprise to find waiting for me. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep on rockin' in the free world!

Kenny Gray submitted media.

Tunnels by Tom Flash

Max Schneider

You guys kill it with this one. I was intrigued by the simple, bare bones riff that  opens the track, but around the 20 second mark, when the dual guitars kick in with the melodic riff played in octaves, I was hooked. What can I say? I'm a sucker for twin guitars. Great tone on those as well. 
The composition and arrangement of this song stood out to me as top notch. I look for songs to grow and evolve as they progress and Tunnels does that masterfully. I love how the energy of the song is constantly building in a deliberate, controlled way until, after a surprising but not out of place interlude, it reaches a shredding, frenetic crescendo. I particularly enjoyed hearing the guitars get some shred time in. Killer job guys!

cody kohler submitted media.

Max Schneider

More so than any other genre, punk rock is what I hold closest to my heart. Since I was a teenager I have identified with punk on a deeply personal level and my discovery of punk rock cemented my desire to pursue music as a career. That being said, I am also deeply critical of many "punk" bands and the potential for monotony within the genre as a whole. I gotta say though... You guys do a pretty fucking good job.
Dynamics. I can't stress enough the importance of dynamics within a piece of music. The quiet, half time section  in the middle of this song is expertly placed and arranged. It provides a refreshing contrast, highlighting the individual sections of the song without sounding choppy or fragmented. Rather, it it contributes the strength of the song a singe entity. 
The arrangements, guitars in particular, is very well done. The melodic overdubs and constant addition of background riffs adds a great deal to the the music without coming across as flashy or over the top. That's a fine line to walk and you guys have done it very well. It adds a lot to the songs. The dual vocals also provides a nice change up and contrast as well.
If pressed to find a weak spot I would point to the vocals. I think the voice is a little bit thin and whiny sounding. I think some grit (much like the second vocals that come in later) would go a long way and also match the feel of the music a little better. I know this is a very personal and individual preference, but I dislike it when vocalists "over pronounce" their words and I hear that in this song. Overall I think the vocals sound good and fit the song, but in the name of constructive criticism I had to point to them as a weak spot. 
Overall I think this is a really solid song. It is very well written and arranged. It has fantastic dynamics which give the listener the sense of a musical journey without ever sounding forced... not easy to do. The musical arrangements are interesting and ever evolving while never sounding forced or flashy. Well done guys

The Cloud submitted media.

Awake by The Cloud

Max Schneider

I think this is a really cool song. I'll be honest, it took me a couple plays to get into it, but it has been steadily growing on me ever since. 
The drum beat which begins the song immediately grabbed me. It's different, but in the best kind of way. To be completely honest I am not a huge fan of electronic music in general, one of the main reasons being that so much of it, especially electronic drum tracks, sound the same. 
After this my criticism are very closely intertwined... I'll try and articulate it without being confusing.
This track definitely has an atmospheric sound to it with layers and textures comprising the sound as opposed to distinctly melodic parts. Yes, melodic lines are added as the song progresses, but as a listener I wouldn't seek this out for those elements. This atmospheric, textured sound is one which, although I am not a huge fan of this genre as a whole, I can appreciate and do actually listen to from time to time. 
This song does a good job in building these sonic landscapes, but I feel as though there could be more. I feel like the song is restrained if that makes sense. It's rare that I review someones music and advise them to lengthen their songs. In fact, usually it's the opposite. However, I would like to hear this song extended (and not just because I make more money listening to it :) ) and given room to breathe and build upon itself without being rushed. Whether or not that necessarily means getting louder or more intense is up to you as the artist, but I would certainly set the time aside to listen to an extended version of this song

Ulrich Ellison submitted media.

Feeling So Lonely by Ulrich Ellison and Tribe

Max Schneider

Great track! I dig the blues and classic rock vibe mixed with modern attitude. 
I particularly enjoyed the guitar work on this track. The blues licks thrown in the background perfectly compliment the vocals while adhering the the vibe and attitude of the track. The playing is tasteful and simultaneously serves the song while standing out as an individual highlight. 
I think this is a really cool song, but it comes across a little bland. The drums sound like a drum machine loop with minimal effort put into spicing them up. The vocals come across a little sterile as well. The words are well written and want to convey emotion but are neutralized by the vocal delivery. Belt some of those words, the lyrics deserve that much. I'd recommend listening to Lucero for an example of the type of vocal performance I think would transform this song. All the pieces are there: a well written song, strong musicianship, strong lyrics and a good arrangement... allow the emotion and attitude to shine through and you will have an amazing song.

Johnathan Loos submitted media.

Korilynn by Johnathan Loos

Max Schneider

First off, I think you have a really professional sound, i dig it. It’s very full and the arrangements compliment each other well with the violin in particular adding a nice touch. 
I gotta say though, It’s a little too polished and clean for my taste. I think a little grittiness, both in the attitude (meaning I’d like to hear a bit more attitude in the vocals) and recording style itself, would do wonders for this song. I would recommend checking out A.A. Bondy’s first record “American Hearts” or the Dylan “The Bootleg Series Vol 11: The Basement Tapes Complete” (the official one that came out in 2014) for examples of what I mean. Let the imperfections show through a little more which I think will only highlight your personality.  
	I would also like to hear more dynamics. Think of the formula The Pixies used (and Nirvana took and ran with) which is known as QUIET, LOUD, QUIET. Seeing as how this song is pushing six minutes, I feel like a wider dynamic range (and just ear candy - like maybe shakers, tambourine or even whistling - I always say there’s not enough whistling in rock n roll - example: “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses) would make sure to hold the interest of the listener all the way through. Really belt out some of the lyrics (like make me feel some of those lines), add background vocals (maybe some “black-up singers” ala Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”), add more guitars or shakers or whatever - just stuff to keep it fresh throughout. Build with layers…. start minimal, then add layer after layer and then maybe strip it back down for the ending. Dynamics man! 
	Now, I know I just picked apart several different aspects of your songs, but this is not meant to be a negative review. I think you have a really good sound - better than 90% of the bands in this genre that I hear - and I see lots of potential. Keep going, you're further along than most people! However, I think a few small tweaks would push your music over the top, making it phenomenal. You are a good songwriter, vocalist and storyteller and I would love to hear how you evolve as time goes on…. so keep me in the loop as far as new songs go. I will definitely do my best to keep an eye out for your music in the future as well. Thanks and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Max Schneider

I think this is a fantastic platform as it caters to artists and curators equally, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.