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Priya Shah

I like to live life boldly || Founder @ Getting Deeper
I eat Soundcloud for breakfast, 8tracks for dinner and my lovely friends as a midnight snack.

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The Badgers submitted media.

The Wallace House by The Badgers

Priya Shah

I like the sounds here and definitely the acid sounds! At first the picture made me think this is a rock song but I am surprised to hear otherwise. However in the end I think the picture also fits with the track and adds a creative, horror touch to it. Love the spooky and dark production. 

Definitely nice sound and direction here. I would be willing to premiere it on Getting Deeper. Do let me know if you are interested!

Brian Adkins submitted media.

Lucky Lake by Passive Time

Priya Shah

I like the direction in which this song goes. The vocals together with the post atmospheric, ambient - triphop vibe is something I enjoy quite a lot. I do think, however, that the track could have more sub bass, or a bit more character - I would have liked for example the drums to have a bit more of a natural and melodic undertone to it. 

I think though that the track and the artist have potential nevertheless and the direction is definitely right here. 

Dadbod submitted media.

falseteeth by Dadbod

Priya Shah

It's really smooth and tight productionm, would work great in sets as podcasts and even on certain dancefloors although its not verĂ½ hardhitting. But that is the style of the track and it does its job well. 

I can help you promote it for 2-3 days on Getting Deeper, 

Jochen Mader submitted media.

Carousel by Gatwick

Priya Shah

Love the vibe of the track! It's hauntingly beautiful

Very nicely made and super tight production. 

Definitely sharing on GD. 

Simen Fjeld submitted media.

Hold On by Simon Field

Priya Shah

Warm and comforting. Love it! It would be nice to hear another, deeper remix of this version. 

Jochen Mader submitted media.

All Of Me by Gatwick

Priya Shah

Hauntingly Beautiful. I love the overall theme of the track as well as the composition. I think it is a tight composition. Although I would personally prefer tracks with less vocals. Would be interesting to see another version of the track with drifting, chopped vocals in the background. 

David Youssef submitted media.

LSD (Shemce Remix) by A$AP Rocky

Priya Shah

Nicely made. Tropical and euphoric. 

While this isn't my taste since I prefer darker and spacier sounds, I am very sure this will be a good fit in a lot of other blogs and playlists. 

I suggest you go to Hypem and look for 'Tropical House'. Find blogs who post about this genre and contact them. 

Best of luck!

Sub Pac submitted media.

Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Priya Shah

Love love love! 

Buying it, sharing it, boasting about it. 

ututut music submitted media.

Girl by UTUTUT

Priya Shah

Tropicaaaaallll vibes in this one!

I like the sound of it. Summery and chill. Nicely made. Although it isn't exactly my taste. I like the tropical vibes but I  generally prefer tracks with more chopped (and less) vocals. I am sure  that this track will fit well in a lot of other music collections though. 

If you end up making another version or a different track that is more sound oriented with less vocals, do let me know.

I wish you best of luck!

Stereodyssey submitted media.

Anomalies by Stereodyssey

Priya Shah

Another magnificent sound. 

I know I promised I will post Earthchild. And believe me it's still on my mind. As for this track: there is something very raw about it. Love the overall vibe and the spacey yet melodic atmosphere. 

Although my suggestion is to create another version without the 'scratching' (Sorry this is the closest I could get to finding a word that refers to the repetitive scratch like technique. Hope you get what I mean). This is so that we can hear a more coherent, upward scaling track. 

Jason Steingold submitted media.

Tinderhoe (The Video) by STEINGOLD

Priya Shah

Love the style and the idea behind the track! It's coherent and most importantly... fun.

However, it is something I wouldn't post on Getting Deeper simply because GD's vibe is more deep and spacey.

I wish you best of luck with it!

Stereodyssey submitted media.

Earthchild by Stereodyssey

Priya Shah

This is magnificent! 

Love the dark, tribal vibe to this track. All the elements in the track are balanced perfectly. The end result is a wholesome and complete package of a fragile, bittersweet quality. Will definitely share it on Getting Deeper. Thank you!

submitted media.

FakeID (Getting That) by DJ G-roy

Priya Shah


Love the smooth, tropical vibes in this one. This is a sultry, summery track perfect for open air settings. Sharing it on Getting Deeper! Please do send me the Soundcloud version of this track. 

Adam Foster submitted media.

Priya Shah

Very, very nice and great for the first single! 

All the elements in this track are perfectly placed. The production quality too is spot on.

End result: a balanced track that stays true to its lush, tropical vibes. It has everything that you promised it would!

submitted media.

Orphanage by Nozart

Priya Shah

First of all... I must say that the quality of your production is top class. Your passion and effort are shining through this track. It's emotional and beautiful. However, on Getting Deeper, I post more deep and spacey sounds coming under electronic music. That's what I listen to and share during the most part of my day. 

Unfortunately, alternative rock or singer-songwriters are not what I listen to right now so I can't really give much of an opinion!

I hope you go far! Best of luck Noah. 

submitted media.

Honest About It (Andy Marshall & Rudi Simon Remix) by Rudi Simon feat. Porter Shields

Priya Shah

I appreciate the effort and really think that this sound could be molded into something really good. 

Why this doesn't work for me is because, according to me, when you mix deep house and vocals... you need to  have both balanced in such a way that one doesn't override the other. In fact, what makes vocal deep house different from other genres with vocals is the fact that sound is given more prominence than the vocals itself. 

That's why, when you hear a deep track, you will usually come across drifting vocals in the background.... perhaps just a chorus and nothing else from the original soundtrack. 

If I were a producer I would have picked bits and pieces of your vocals and made them swirl around a really deep, solid sound. I would have extracted your sound (which I think has a lot of potential) and stretched it in a way that the vocals don't dominate the sound. 

Maybe I speak for all of deep house, or maybe I just speak for me.  

I wish you best of luck for future endeavors! 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Priya Shah

Fantastic! Reminds me of my Lojik days. First, about the sound: I love that the synths and melodies have been blended with industrial, post rock soundscapes. The track is both organic and industrial; Earthy yet futuristic. I think the video does justice to that. 

However, I do feel that the video could have been a little more tight with a maximum of 5 settings. Felt like it had too many scenes and too many settings, making it a bit more random than needed. It would have been nicer to watch a tighter, more synchronized theme. 

All in all, I loved it. Please send me a Soundcloud link of the track to publish on Getting Deeper.

Eddy Simonson submitted media.

bedroom. by Evo Auxilium

Priya Shah

Transient, chill and eccentric. I like this.