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Alex Jones

Founded in Waterford City, Ireland, in 2010 by Londoner, Alex Jones. Ruby Music is primarily an independent record label, with a modern outlook on the music industry. With our growing team of staff, fullfilling more than a traditional label role for our acts, we also provide an organisational platfom including, but not limited to, PR and Management, which is why we refer to ourselves as a 'Music Label'.
Now registered as a limited company in the U.K with a Head office in London, our catalogue is currently distributed worldwide (Excl Canada), by Code 7 Distribution through INgrooves and in Canada, exclusively, by Fontana North also through INgrooves.
Although we naturally gravitate towards Indie music, we don't tie ourselves down to specific genres during our selection process. If we like what we hear and think we can help to develop that particular artist/act, then we are always interested in working with them.
music industry
indie rock
Cork, Ireland.

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Recent Feedback

Human in Bloom submitted media.

Late Old Night (vA MST) by Human in Bloom

Alex Jones

Brilliant from start to finish. Really well crafted, dirty and gutsy. I really enjoyed this very much and would love to hear more.

Nahuel Bronzini submitted media.

Little Po - by Mike Suarez by Mike Suarez, Nahuel Bronzini

Alex Jones

This isn't really a genre of music I would gravitate to. However, I enjoyed listening to it very much. A good, catchy, melody and song, delivered very well by competent musicianship. The production is excellent.

. . submitted media.

Louise Louise by The Vellas

Alex Jones

I like it. The song has good energy. Catchy melody and well delivered by the vocalist. The main guitar hook brings a great, retro early 90's feel. I think the overall production let's the recording down a little and if I'm to be hyper critical, I would say the drums are a little unsteady. It's almost as if there were timing conflicts with the studio click when laying down the foundations. All in all though, I enjoyed listening very much. Thanks for sending guys!

Ignacio Simon submitted media.

Alex Jones

While this is a genre I wouldn't feel best qualified in, I enjoyed listening, very much. Well executed, with solid delivery. Excellent Accompaniment with backing instruments/vocals. A great all round "Vibe".

Harry Price submitted media.

Alex Jones

I enjoyed this very much. The first chorus grabbed me straight away and had my foot tapping through to the end. It's still running around my head as I write this, which says a lot. This has a good structure, if a little formulated. But there's a reason for that formula .. it works. The Audio Production is great and the video makes good use of a low budget. It did plenty to keep my attention.

Thank you for submitting this. If you would like to discuss further, feel free to email me at <> we may be able to help in some way.