Jeremy Troy

Jeremy Troy

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Jeremy Troy

Founder and music aficionado
Music blogger at and music aficionado.
Troysnoise has partnered with bands from all over the world, helping produce promotional videos, conduct interviews, and review new releases, breaking emerging music to thousands of website visitors.  With over 1,400 facebook likes and one of the 800 handpicked blogs by HypeMachine (, Troysnoise has a wide reach and can help you become the next big thing.
music writing / blogging, music curation, music blogging
indie rock, indie, folk rock, indie electronic
Tel Aviv

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Recent Feedback

Michael Soiseth submitted media.


Jeremy Troy

Nice work very chill. 

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Rebel Soul by Dree Mon

Jeremy Troy

very nice, funky vibe great for cruising down the PCH with the windows open

Bobby Dezfulli submitted media.

Shaking Hands (Callow) by The Empty

Jeremy Troy

I think the vocals have to be tweaked a bit but on the right track...pun intended

Toyko Music submitted media.

Ghost Pepper by Toyko

Jeremy Troy

Nice track.  A little Diamond Rings meets Kids of 88?

SiD King submitted media.

Jeremy Troy


Joel Rekiel submitted media.

Liquid Lady by Open to the Hound

Jeremy Troy

Cool sound.  Keep up the good work and send me your future tracks!

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Zero Gravity by Martin Tillman

Jeremy Troy

Great sound will post soon!

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Jeremy Troy

Well done and of course great original track that you decided to remix.  

Cory Phillips submitted media.

Think About It by Epsilona

Jeremy Troy

Nice track sweet guitar.  Just posted to our facebook page, we have > 1k followers.

Gideon Black submitted media.

Miss Mirage by BECOME x NoMBe

Jeremy Troy

Great track.  Nice balance of beats and lyrics.  

Thomas Hricik submitted media.

The Truth (Eric Sharp & Tenova Remix) by Mansions On The Moon

Jeremy Troy

Good stuff.  You'll see it on my site very soon and we rarely post remixes.

Garrett Brown submitted media.

Jeremy Troy

I didn't think any remix artists could touch Hall & Oates, but low and behold you've done it beautifully - maintained the original structure and created a club banger.  Well done and posted to  

Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta submitted media.

Strange People (feat. Leanne Robinson) by Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta

Jeremy Troy

There's nothing strange about this song.  Digging it and going to pass along to my friends at Heylady.  They have a similar vibe and who knows maybe you guys could collaborate?
Please send more of your work along to us in the future.

Keep up the good work.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

You're Hysterical Ft. Topless Literati by EVAN TYLER ft. Topless Literati

Jeremy Troy

Diggin it.  I'd say intro should drop sooner and lyrics get a little excessive.