John Girgus

John Girgus

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John Girgus

Producer (Aberdeeen, Languis, Paper Pilots, The City and Horses) solo project @HouseCatLegend, music as heard on KCRW, KCSN, KXLU, KX93.5, WSUM-FM, KDVS, and Indie 103.1
Guitarist and founding member of the Indiepop group Aberdeen (Sarah Records, Better Looking, LTM) who once appeared on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Joined the electronic combo Languis (Plug Research, Shelflife), started and left a few bands like Spider Problem, Non Ultra Joy, now working solo as The Legendary House Cats.

Produced recordings for indie bands The City and Horses, Tennis System, Paper Pilots and once helped remix The Who. 

Written for blogs Third Outing,, and dublab interviewing artists such as The June Brides, Mercury Girls, Secret Shine, and John Cooper Clark. 

Consulted for some Los Angeles based indie bands, currently The Mo-Odds. 

Paid gigs in music have included music composer (True Blood), graphic design (American Apparel), audio engineer (Mimosa Music Series), DJ (213 Nightlife), touring musician (William Tell), PA (Tom Petty), and 6 years at Sony Music.

Generally speaking, I know what to listen for.
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submitted media.

Drink Myself to Sleep by Midnight Carolina

John Girgus

It's great, wish more people were doing this.

Shay Doherty submitted media.

John Girgus

Real nice work. Sounds like it could get some film and TV use. I'll try to remember it in case I hear of any requests for something similar. Keep in touch, keep me posted. 

tallulah harper submitted media.

He Hex (ft. Katrina Ford) by Tropic of Xhao

John Girgus

I don't know what I can do to help promote it, but it sounds pretty cool. Good vocals! Keep writing and tracking! 

Oliver Dagum submitted media.

John Girgus

Sounds great, just not the type of thing I promote, stylistically. Would love to hear the studio recorded version. 

Part Doux submitted media.

High Tide by Part Doux

John Girgus

Cool chord changes. Love the filtered guitar. The vocals remind me of some cool, early 90s English bands you probably don't know, like The High, but then they just sound like The Stone Roses so that too. Claps at the end are cool. If I had to give you mix advice, it would be to not be afraid to bend and tweak stuff into tighter timing, and keep a heads up on those lovely, but sometimes overbearing lower mid frequencies. Keep writing, playing, recording, and someone is sure to notice! 

Moses biko submitted media.

John Girgus

It's cool. Reminds me of mellower Alice In Chains or Crash Test Dummies. Good mix, good recording. Cool melody, good parts, interesting arrangement. Keep on it! 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

John Girgus

Worth every penny.