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Wynona Grant

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Wynona Grant

Partner & Chief Music Editor of Fortitude Magazine
Co-Managing Partner & Chief Music Editor of @FortitudeMag || PR for @TheEulogys || Videographer & Photographer || Too much coffee & time on public transport ||
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Dublin, Ireland

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Recent Feedback

Sophie Debattista submitted media.

Firebrick by S.O.S

Wynona Grant

This is a great track, especially for the time of year coming up - I can really see this making it as a stand out Summer track.

The hooks are bouncy and contagious, and the chorus really carries through on the whole electro-pop sound of the track itself. 

Hidehiko Komai submitted media.

朧(OBORO) by The Theory For Our Revenge

Wynona Grant

This track really takes you on a journey - the melody, although synth-filled and quite electrifying, it really brings about a certain melancholic vibe weaving through it.

The locals match this perfectly, and it almost seems made for a film soundtrack. 

I look forward to hearing more from The Theory For Our Revenge.

Micah Elloh submitted media.

GIVE ME MORE - Single by Micah Elloh

Wynona Grant

This track comes at the perfect time - it’s a real summer road trip track that could go very far with a bit of airplay.

The chorus is punchy and catchy, and when it falls back into the verses, the vocals blend really nice with the music. 

Great work!

Astrid Skywalker submitted media.

Fake Fur Coat by Throw Like A Girl

Wynona Grant

This track is super simplistic, both instrumentally and lyrically, but it works so well.

The stripped back sounds really compliment the story-style lyrical content and you can almost place yourself in an intimate fireside like gig setting!

The Romantic Era submitted media.

Wynona Grant

This is a serious hype track that scrapes evidence of an Alex Vargas influence, just with more 'dance' behind it. I can see it on a Summer playlist, accompanying people on roadtrips, blaring out on speakers on BBQ nights and so on... 

It's downfall is the repetitiveness , it almost gives off the sense of a remix and not the original take. But, the chorus is catchy, so it sits well. 

Sumitra Nanjundan submitted media.

Wynona Grant

A real mellow track that showcases unique vocal ability and admirable songwriting.

The piano playing is intricate and sits really nicely under the soulful vocals which move like waves throughout the verses and chorus. 

Strong up and coming talent here with a serious niche - just hit out at the right audience and you're onto a winner!

Phil Barry submitted media.

Time To Ascend by Mr Fogg

Wynona Grant

Really promising track. Subtle and sparse instrumentals, which the delicate vocals work really layered over.

The track builds really well, going from a gentle scene of rhythm with smooth pitched vocals on top, to a more live anthem feeling track. This could work really well at festivals, it has a very raw and live vibe about it.

The video works very well with the track as well, essentially mirroring the build in atmosphere and then dropping back down to calm and tranquility towards the very end as we go back into gently expressed vocals with very little behind it.

Paul Hale submitted media.


Wynona Grant

Epic track.

Like a halfway mark between pop punk and that alt-indie genre bouncing around the music scene at the moment.

The etching guitars work really well scraping in and out between the animated vocals and thunderous drums. The whole instrumental side of the song is tied together extremely well.

All in all, it's a perfect song showing face at a perfect time. I can really see this as a road trip / barbecue track for the Summer months!

Absolute top work all round.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Wynona Grant

Really dark sound. Sort of eery, action/thriller film soundtrack vibe. 

Tone of the vocals sits on the instrumentals really well and adds to the atmosphere of the overall track.

The Film Noir video translates the song perfectly and just backs up everything the song's ambience says. Really nice collation. Top work!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

A Love Like Pi by Jack and the Giant

Wynona Grant

This is a fantastic track. Sort of feels like a more fluid and gentle side of the newly rising synth pop genre.

Light, delicate, yet bright synth sounds and wonderfully transient vocals laying just behind. It's nice to see the instrumentals hold the forefront and strength of the track.

Laura Sullivan submitted media.

900 Voices by Laura Sullivan

Wynona Grant

Love the diversity of this and how it all blends together. The blending of different languages and how it all still works to fit the song.

Really creative idea, well executed.

Works as an image of music bringing people together essentially, with no language barriers, and the power of the internet and videos to bring these people all into one project regardless of distance.

The song is beautifully performed by everyone too, and the harmonies are pitch perfect.

Fantastic idea, fair play! 10/10!

The Dø submitted media.

Wynona Grant

Really strong, upbeat pop vibe to this. Seems to have the "coolness" of Haim but with more Pop!

Euphoric melody in the synth and effective drum additions.

A great track coming into Summer - feel-good atmosphere and contagious energy with striking vocals. Nice work!

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Wynona Grant

Really apt to the title, 'Nostalgia'. The video is perfectly in tune with the song and it all runs so smoothly.

A really well structured song of half soothing, half daunting piano melody. The slight addition of abrupt strings adds to the build leading up to the 3 minute mark - fantastic.

L M submitted media.

Second To Last by Gretchen's Wheel

Wynona Grant

Really good stuff here. 

Although the track is quite alternative/rock vibed, it holds a slight vintage/60's-80's feel to it, maybe Fleetwood Mac-esque pop somewhere underneath.

The track is really strong, love the depth of the drums and the soaring vocals. Would love to hear more.

Daniel Frazer submitted media.

Spark [official video] by I Am Not Lefthanded

Wynona Grant

Sort of reminiscent of Daughter. Or even a more mellow London Grammar.

Love the rhythm of the track and the vocals are impeccable, really suit the texture of the instrumental backing.

Quite a progressive vibe to it overall and it's a track I could definitely see stop a good few wanderers at festival stages this Summer!

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Wynona Grant

Love this.

Really really talented singer/songwriter. Sort of reminiscent of a lighter blend of Ryan Sheridan and James Bay. 

Very intriguing style of guitar playing which sort of contrasts the softness of his vocals but in a really complementing way. 

Very impressive, keen to hear more of his stuff. May even feature him as my 'Track Of The Week' this Friday!

Andrew Stevenson submitted media.

crystalline by Drewsthatdude

Wynona Grant

Really nice instrumentals. Dreamy synth pop creating a real slow-building euphoria.

Extremely diverse sound, can't put my finger on a specific genre which is a real attention grabber.

Really powerful, soaring female vocals would work so well over this.

Gregory Robinson submitted media.

July 5th (Remastered) by Allora Mis

Wynona Grant

Really solid track, this!

Slow and steady build up creating a real atmospheric feel, welcoming additional instruments in stages. Nice underlying twitchy guitar riff.

Quite a mellow track all in all with a really impressive power hiding almost underneath the dreamy blend of instruments.

If I was rating this, it would be a straight 8/10. Really versatile and just damn good!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Wynona Grant

Love Fluence, all the right ideas in place for all creative industries.

Ace platform.

Bob Manning submitted media.

Wolf Eyes, you're staring by Cold, cold heart

Wynona Grant

This track has an amazing versatility about it - opening on a really atmospheric vibe with so much yet so little going on underneath the bare instrumental.

The reverb on the very minimalistic electric guitar creates a fullness that isn't necessarily there and it really works. 

Potentially reminiscent of something John Mayer might put down in the early idea stage of writing a song!

Jay Frank submitted media.

Wynona Grant

Love Like Swimming's sound! Spot on. 

Similar to Bon Iver meets The Lumineers and London Grammar - really cool!

Harmonies are pitch perfect and blend so well together. Would love to feature them on Fortitude Magazine soon.

Jay Frank submitted media.

Wynona Grant

A beautifully raw track - minimal instrumentals and incredibly pure vocals.

The track is reminiscent of a folk pop vibe while echoing a certain ghostly aura. The mood picks up towards the end of the song, transcending from a very tranquil number to an uplifting, power-filled mix.

Set to release her new album soon, this is a wonderful taster of what's to come from Nashville's Lauren Shera.