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Benjamin Groff

Music Publisher / Label (25 Years in Developing Talent - Signed: Ryan Tedder, Greg Kurstin, SOPHIE, Grimes, The Lumineers, Savan Kotecha etc)
Hey there!  My name is Benjamin Groff and I'm the guy behind We Are: The Guard ( and the music publishing company Brill Building (  Feel free to check out a complete list of my signings here
I also have 2 courses, with over 100 video modules, released on (the "Insider Secrets of Hit Songwriting" and another called "The Release Blueprint - Music Marketing Strategies" - which gives you a real plan to release your music. Check them out here:

I'm proud to have signed over the years, some of my all time favorite artists and writer/producers ranging from: The Lumineers, Ryan Tedder/One Republic, Grimes, SOPHIE, Greg Kurstin, Savan Kotecha, Kelly Clarkson, Cut Copy, Peaches, Nosaj Thing, TOKiMONSTA, DENM, Ariel Rechtshaid, Big Freedia, Chairlift, Overcoats, Lindy Robbins, Cut Copy, etc.  

Additionally, I'm behind the We Are: The Guard music influencer and blog the best new indie, alternative pop, alt chill and more.

Submissions to my Fluence page will receive a thorough and honest review / critique.

Additionally, 20% of our submissions have gone on to make it to being We Are: The Guard posts.  Despite the hourly rate, most submissions cost less than about $15 to review, depending how much feedback we provide.

Looking forward to hearing your latest.  All proceeds go back into help run We Are: The Guard with server costs, writers, A&R, and my Friday night pizza.


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Los Angeles, CA

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Wiebke Müller submitted media.

I am zen by Le Rok feat. Wiek M

Benjamin Groff

Hi Le Rok - thanks for the submission.  Nice song and production and also the same with the vocals - very smooth and chill.  It's also a really good concept.  Ultimately, I'm not sure it's quite right for what we're doing at We Are: The Guard - as we're doing more beat driven indie pop...but if it's helpful, as I know you're looking for some advice and help on the promotion side - feel free to check out as a bonus a book I wrote here (again for free) at  There might be some helpful DIY promotion, marketing ideas there...I think in particular looking to see if you can get some support on the UGC side of playlists or maybe doing some YouTube promoted view might be the way to go - especially if you can get a compelling video done for your songs.  Or even license some chill vibes video footage and match your music to it?  Just a few ideas.

I hope it's helpful in the meantime and best wishes on the project.  Tx...Benjamin. 

Christopher Walton submitted media.

A Mil Ain't Enough by Chris L. Sucio - Topic

Benjamin Groff

Hi Chris - thanks for the submission.  I think it's well done and a good recording, concept, etc.  I do have some advice though if you want to check out.  Which is for me - there's 5 things I look for in signing new artists.  All of that is here and it's way better for me to drop a link here for you to check out:  But in particular the section on sonic identity is important - actually it's crucial.  Doesn't matter the genre - but I'm always looking for artists that sonically stand out.  As example - if you look at most, if not all of my past signings here: - each is making music that "only they" could make if that makes sense.  Like you hear them - and you know it's instantly them.  So, my recommendation is to scope out a sound and lane only you own. That is from vocal delivery, cadence, rhyme style, what you stand for, to also the beats and producers you're working with.  Keep in mind that this is in context (literally) of 250,000 new music releases per week.  That isn't an exaggeration! So it's crucial for your music to stand out from the crowd and say "listen to me - i'm different // this is a whole new thing going on over here."   That being said - i like the visual direction - that's different - maybe it's something where the visual identity and the sonic identity need to align more?  

Hope that's helpful and wish you good things with your project.


Nick Diaz submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Buenos Diaz - Nicely captured video - hard to that and get a good live recording at the same time.  I do like this - unfortunately, it's just a bit outside of our realm musically / genre wise as we're playlisting and writing up more beat driven indie pop at We Are: The Guard.  

As far as how to promote / help a bonus to checking out the music here - there's a book / PDF you can get here for free on my website - it's like about 250 pages - some helpful promotion / DIY concepts and outlets, UGC playlisting concepts, playlisting, micro synch agencies etc...that might be helpful.  Here's the link:  

I would suggest thought that UGC playlisting like on Spotify etc. might be a way to go and finding similar artists / similar tribes that might want to support you there.  Hope it's helpful. 


Chase Creighton submitted media.

Pheel Free by Disco Dreams

Benjamin Groff

Hey Disco Dreams - thanks for the submission - I enjoyed listening and the vibes.  I have one suggestion - which might go counter to your intension with the music / recordings - and that would be just to have some type of vocal - even if it's just one line that repeats (look up The Crystal Method back in the late 90s who were experts of that). ... Oh wait, now I'm hearing some vocals come in but I'm 2/3rds in the song and not sure what the vocal / lyric is.  

I'm saying this just from a "song" perspective and also synch perspective and licensing. If you can have a cool line with a cool voice here on top of this great track - it can really be night and day as far as the attention it gets - not just from synchronization rights but - people remembering the song, etc.  

Overall - really enjoyed this as a piece but that would be my one key suggestion.  

Hope it's helpful.  Benjamin. 

Michael Soiseth submitted media.


Benjamin Groff

Hey Raygun - really nice piece here.  Definitely getting some Tom Waits vibes.  I think you've really captured the "vibe" and a direction here for sure.  One note on production...the hard panning of the vocal on the left channel is a little distracting for me ... but I see how you counter that with other vocals more in the chorus.  

Overall - really exceptional recording, production, vibe, vocals.  And that muted trumpet! 

Ultimately at We Are: The Guard - we're promoting more beat driven indie pop on the music genre side.  

One suggestion - have you tried micro synch sites like musicbed or marmoset?  I think you could find some pick up there on the synch front.  

Lastly, if it's helpful - feel free to pick up (for free) my book here which has a ton of information on promoting your music on a DIY level and maybe some things you might not have thought of or worth considering:

p.s. dig also some of those outro solos and musical moments.  I think you should also do well finding your "niche" of followers and getting on those associated playlists.  Great work...wish it was more of a fit for us.  Tx...Benjamin. 

submitted media.

Like That. by Shannon Dooley

Benjamin Groff

Hey Shannon - thanks for the submission.  Overall i think this is pretty good.  I have a couple comments along the way.  I was feeling the vocal and guitar in the mix were battling for attention a bit in the 1st minute.  Also around the 1 minute section...this is the chorus - but I feel it is "ramping" to something (in fact pre choruses are often called ramps in the old days)...and that there could be an even bigger section coming?  In other words is your chorus maybe an A+ pre chorus (if it was shorter)...just a thought.   

There's another piece of advice here that I have for you as far as production and it will make your songs light up 2x, more in my opinion.  I have a hunch it might be worth looking at (if not for this song maybe the next) the idea / concept of what I call the 2nd melody theory.  There's a whole article I wrote on it here:  

Not sure the song is quite right for my channels but nice work on your first production.  

As bonus feel free to pick up my book here (for free!) that might help on some promotion and marketing strategies: . 

Hope it's helpful.  


Patra Sinner submitted media.

Trainwreck by Raleigh Keegan - Topic

Benjamin Groff

Hey Raleigh, thanks for the submission.  Really strong overall from the song, vocal and production.  Country music isn't my specialty here, so it might not be right for my specific channels...but being a music publisher for 27 years,  My suggestion would be - especially if you're in the proximity of Nashville - to just seek out the best rooms and cowriters you can get in the room with.  Leveling up yourself in those rooms will level up everything and sometimes that's the extra "song magic" needed.  I do think this song is really good...but there are - when you compare to the competition esp on a song level - more layers and levels to go.  For me it's all about the song and it's anyone's ball to run with if they can get that song.  Even if it's a cover - or something unexpected you can flip.  I have a hunch if you can notch up your level of songs you're recording - it's going to be the spark that ignites everything.  Nice work here!! 

Runa Verse submitted media.

Paper Cups (Official Lyric Video) by Runaverse (루나버스)

Benjamin Groff

Hey RUNAVERSE, I really liked the vibe of this song and wasn't expecting to hear Korean but i really like it and the vibe here is really smooth.  I also liked the back story.  Unfortunately, with my channels I'm only working with English music, although so many of my writers are involved with the biggest K-Pop artists i.e. TWICE, BTS, NCT, ITZY, etc.  As far as feedback -  I think you're on the right track.  It's just a matter of consistently delivering great music and each time getting better at that and slowly building your fan base.  As a bonus - feel free to pick up a copy of my book here free (!) that I recently released that will give you some personal insights into marketing and promoting and really niching out a sonic identity for yourself and building your first real key fanbase.  Hope it's helpful!

submitted media.

ASHES by NightNight

Benjamin Groff

Hi NightNight - love the artist name and it matches the vibe of the music.  I'm a fan generally of darker music, so enjoyed listening to this.  Also nice work on the video.  My hunch is for the promotion of this and building your fanbase - my suggestion is finding the corners of the internet and Spotify, Apple, etc. that are your "tribe" here, your sonic "family" and reach out / connect, identify strong UGC playlists in that area and start building your campaign to see if they can help support your music ... As a bonus, there's a part of how to do that in my book here - if you want to go to here: and get the PDF for free.  I think I have a chapter on specific steps to do that, if you haven't already.  Also, you know which artists your potential fans are probably going to like in this space - so targeting those artists in campaigns that are just "set it and forget it" i.e. investing $20 / week in directing people to follow you on Spotify will pay dividends in the long run.  Really enjoyed the song - not sure if it's quite right for my channels at the moment - but it sounds like you're on the right path! 

Chris Peters submitted media.

"in between" by Chris Peters

Benjamin Groff

Hey Chris - nice work here!  My first thought is that the song sounds pretty "playlistable" if that makes sense.  On one hand, I think that's great if you're already getting 1MM Monthly Listeners on Spotify - and those playlists become more of a "lay up."  My suggestion to you is that I would love to hear something more sonically identifiable, which will help develop your fan base and converting passive listeners into hopping on your journey for what you stand for as an artist and musically.  Like what you have here I think is really solid and "in the zone" but I also think in the midst of 250,000 music releases per week (that's the actual number these days), that I would like to hear more of a statement and as a casual listener coming across your music, like what sets you apart.  I think everything else here is really really strong and it sounds like you're on your way.  Also GREAT guitar solo btw.  

Kyle Ridley submitted media.

MAKE THAT MONEY by John The Martyr

Benjamin Groff

Hey JTM - thanks for the submission.  First of all - great voice. Really jumps off the speakers. I also appreciate the musicality and horns here.  Everyone has seemed to forgotten about horns! So it's nice to hear them being put to good use.  My only suggestion here on the song is maybe looking at your competition - or where the bar is - and I'd say like a song like "Uptown Funk" is a good or great bar.  Like this is all really REALLY good but can you level everything up several degrees, songwriting, production, the mix, everything - to really kick in the door.  I think this is definitely really strong as is (not sure if it's right presently for any of my channels) but I would say you could have (?) 30% more to go on this type of song and then you could really getting to a place where you're competing for that attention, if that makes sense.  Definitely feels like you're on the right track and great work!  

Mx Puja Singh submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hi Mx Puja Singh.  Thanks for the submission.  I like the intelligent / interesting lyrics on this one and thanks for the backstory..  Also it's an intriguing single artwork. I think the chorus is also anthemic.  My one comment is what if you had a stronger vocal on it?  I think the vocal presently is good but I have a feeling there could be (?) one more level to go on that front.  But overall - it's a nice piece.  It's not quite right for my channels but wish you the best with the project and song! 

Henrique Neves submitted media.

Keep by The Daily Spreadsheets

Benjamin Groff

Hey daily spreadsheets...thanks for the submission.  Overall - nice song!  I have some feedback though this "type" of song or more of the genre is one that I'm not that active in these days.  Have you considered shortening up the intro?  It's unfortunately the climate that we're expecting at most 4 measure intros these days.  But no matter either as with the rock genre it might not be as important.  I do have one potential game changer ideas here for you - and this is really specific to the genre here.  I think you could have a stronger 2nd melody.  And what is a 2nd melody -  that's my terminology for it - but it's really "the riff."  Meaning most all great rock songs (or any huge copyrights) have a copyrightable 2nd melody that identifies the song completely outside of the lyric/melody ever being sung!  That one piece took me 20 years to figure out - but there's more on that here and think it could be a game changer for you or anyone who wants to apply it:  Hope it's helpful!

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Brutus - I really liked this from the very start with the bass line / it kinda hooked me from the start in a Stone Roses kind of way.  I also liked the vocal delivery and the whole vibe of the song.  I thought maybe the chorus could be bigger, more anthemic...felt it was going to explode there more in a bigger way.  Maybe bigger gang vocals or something like that I was hearing?   Lyrics are really great and have a cool vibe and poetry to them!  Overall I think this is really good but not sure if it's quite in my lane for my channels - but feel you're on the right track.  I also liked the change up in vocals / female vocals for that hook - good idea.  I think everything what you're doing here is great - now it's just about leveling it all up.  Nice work!

steven walters submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey there - Soundcloud link not working - can you try again? 

Jasmine Thakral submitted media.

Running In A Haze by Jasmine Thakral

Benjamin Groff

Hi Jasmine - thanks for resubmitting. I'm listening through and I have one big suggestion off the top of my head - and actually just gave the same advice to someone else.  But first - really nice piece here!  Really lovely vocal and great vibe / recording / guitars sound nice and tasty and the production is strong / very suitable ... nice work!  

However, I think you could get some extra mileage here with a 2nd melody.  Remember in the course - this is the "riff" that identifies the song completely outside of your vocal ever being sung....a riff that is also copyrightable ideally!  Here's a link on the full blog piece I have but it might be worth retuning into the 2nd melody module too in the course. 

One other comparison ... having worked with Sia before and knowing from way back in the day - check out one of my favorite Sia songs here: "Breathe Me"  - you'll notice it's not just chord + chord. There's a little simple figure in there.  Anyone playing this figure at a party etc will say "I love that Sia song" without the vocalist singing one note.  And then 2 melodies at the same time when the vocal starts - is where magic and modern counterpoint happens.

Hope it's helpful. 

Austin Fredrich submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Redmesa - thanks for the submission.  Some thought here back specifically to your questions:

1. What audiences would be most likely to be into this music?
For this - I would actually go into Spotify or Amazon and look into the "fans also like" area and then build your list from there.  You mentioned a few artists as starting points and then I'd find the artists who would make the most sense in your lane and feel right.  You can then use this list for your FB / IG Interests and Targeting etc.  It's a worthy endeavor to spend a good chunk of time on this. 

2. Could you recommend anyone that I could reach out to for a press release when I'm ready to go live?
I would suggest going to SubmitHub and setting up an account and that would probably be a good place to start.  I would also work on getting Spotify UGC playlisting and doing that research. 

There's actually a whole book I wrote on this and as a bonus - if you want a free copy / download just go over here to my blog:  There's lots of other resources there too! 

Hope that's helpful.  I think overall the song is good - like it but not sure if it's quite what I'm looking for at the moment. 

Hope it's helpful!


Christen Morrell submitted media.

Love To Love You by Christen Morrell

Benjamin Groff

Hey Christen - sorry the delay in getting back!  I think it's a nice song you have here and like your voice.  I like when the chorus hits - it really hits and has an impact.  Really good song title too!  The only thing that I could think of that might help with the song - maybe - is a 2nd melody.  And what is that?  I have a whole article on this here: I actually just had a song come in from one of my pro writers where this happened as well.  The idea is inserting an additional melody in the mix vs just "chords" that help light up the brain.  As an experiment and a song - somewhat in your lane is Carly Rae Jepson "Call Me Maybe" - if you listen to that 3 times in a row (seriously do it) you'll notice the importance of that 2nd melody / riff ... and then listen to your song.  I think you'll find that the 2nd melody can be the "secret sauce" in making songs pop and light up.  Hope it's helpful!

Dakota East submitted media.

Runaway (Official Video) by Dakota East

Benjamin Groff

Hey Dakota - this is a really great job on the song, the video, the voice and everything.  As much as I can appreciate this - I just don't delve too much on the country side of things.  My suggestions from a promotion point of view - and something that you can have as a reference for ALL of your releases is really sit down and research all the UGC playlists that exist on Spotify and YouTube (to start, which is plenty) and then start reaching out to those meaningful ones and start a dialogue. This is a relationship business so if you can turn on someone to your great music, they'll be glad you reached out!  Hope it's helpful!

submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Stephen - I really dig the smooth indie / jazz / flute and vocal vibes of this...really pleasant vibes here!  I think as far as the music - you're right on point and there's certainly an audience out there for these sounds.  I think the best thing you can do is to put your efforts into building a master list of user generated playlists, potential official spotify editorial, other artists in this genre who can help support, youtube playlists, blogs...and then basically go into sales / pitch mode (in a cool way that's not "sales-y") and see if they can help with a placement.  For me it's always about the one domino that sets everything else off.  But finding that 1st domino - and to knock it over - is always the hardest and what ultimately will accelerate your career ... so I would really put all my efforts into that and then - once you have that list - you'll be able to use it for every single / EP / album you release - so it really is worth it's weight in gold.   Some of those people are also on SubmitHub too - so that's another place to start.  Hope it's helpful. 

HOLTFACTION HOLT submitted media.

Satan Worships You by HOLTFACTION

Benjamin Groff

Hey Holtfaction - dig the title and concept. One thing that I thought of in the 1st 15 seconds of the song - is I think the vocals could be up higher in the mix?  Also there's some other really interesting lyrics throughout the song - so thanks for that.  I'm not sure if this one is quite in my lane as I usually do more indie pop and pop and EDM so I'm not sure how much creative input I far as promoting this song - I think there is a niche for every genre on the internet and my favorite way to promote is using youtube video ads with a great video.  And then believe it or not, I think TikTok - even for your genre might be underutilized but i can almost guarantee there's an audience for this darker indie / indie rock sound on the platform.  Hope it's helpful - i'll look and see / hear what else you have on line. 

Carl-Otto Johansson submitted media.

The Last Summer by Lucky Swedes

Benjamin Groff

Hey Lucky Swedes - overall this is a really nice piece and would have grabbed my ear if I was just listening to it on a playlist etc.  Overall i think this is really nice - but much like many songs that come in - I have a major suggestions that will forever change your songwriting (in my opinion). Check out this article I wrote on "2nd Melody" or what you can also call "the riff."  Essentially, I'm missing out on a 2nd melody aka a "riff: to your song  If you add this to your songwriting arsenal - i think you may instantly double the infectiousness of your songs.

Overall, I do really like this - great title / concept, vocal sounds great and the rest of the production.  Sounds like you're on your way ... and now just need to continue to put out great pieces like this.  

Nice work - thought I wouldn't say this one is necessarily right for me at the moment...but I dug listening to it!

Zane Gosser submitted media.

Blueberry Cadillac by Landon Sears

Benjamin Groff

Hey Landon - thanks for the submission.  I liked how the song popped right from the start and some vibes to catch on to right away.  I really like the title too "Blueberry Cadillac."  Also great vocals.  The question is ... how does this song and your other songs really differentiate and stand out from the 300,000 songs released this week (that's about the correct number these days).  I do like the violin - that's different and was a nice surprise.  The trick is now you have this level of bar - i think there's a level above this for you to take the next song and level up everything one degree.  

It looks like you're having some nice wins already on Spotify - and for me - it always comes down to the song being the jet fuel to get to the next my advice would be is to see how you can level that up.

I was listening to some of your other songs and think you're so close.  

To that previous comment - like if you had your own "Return of the Mack" you'd easily jump across that 100 Million streaming song line.  Or maybe it's finding something great you can interpolate into one of your new originals?  

I just started listening to your other songs too...really like them but not sure it's ticking quite all the boxes for me - but it really comes down to your career song and that next song that's going to take you to 100 Million streams. 
 sounds like you're on the right path!  

I have a post here that might be helpful in thinking of some ideas that might get you there:

Hope it's helpful.


Zach Bailey submitted media.

Corner Of The Universe by Zach Bailey

Benjamin Groff

Hey Zach - thanks for the submission - it is a really beautiful, nice and delicate, and intimate piece!  Reminds me of some early Simon & Garfunkel.  Love that line "between 9 to 6 and the suburbs."  Overall - have to say it's a really nice piece, great production and the whole vibe.  I just added it to our Weekly A&R chart at We Are: The Guard which you can check out here: Nice work and started following you.

Ralph Pezzullo submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Ralph thanks for the submission.  For some feedback - Blues / rock isn't my specialty but I have given a song to Eric Clapton and B.B. King in the past, etc.  One suggestion is we had to wait til 1:44 to get some real guitar solos going.  Being also a guitar major at Berklee - it's obvious your guitar playing is great - so especially if you have a blues / rock song - I think if you're B.B., Clapton, SRV, Robben Ford, or etc - it's key to put that guitar playing up front and center.  

My other other thoughts as far as promotion - I'd definitely check out and look into microsynch agencies like Marmoset Music or Music Bed - you an upload your music there and maybe get some small synch licenses.  Also there probably are definitely some blues/rock FB, Reddit communities and boards and YT channels that I think could help support? 

Sometimes being niche can be good, as you have a narrow tribe of supporters that will often embrace and support their own crew (if that makes sense). 

Hope that's helpful.


Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Disaffected Scrolling Thru by Incendiary Sweet

Benjamin Groff

 Hey Incendiary Sweet - great artist name!  One quick observation - I was really hoping clicking play that there was going to be video of you playing - the snap shot there is really captivating and I was ready to see a performance - so as a suggestion, that might not be a bad simple music video idea!  

I also think this is a strong song .. I like the change up in the guitar work, riff, vocals, production - all sounds solid - nice work all around.  

As far as promoting it and advice - Having released over 100 records - I've just found over the years that more rock oriented music - well, it's harder ... there seems to be less outlets, YouTube channels, blogs, etc supporting more rock things.    My suggestion is often the best bang for the buck is an original YouTube video (doesn't need to be a $10K video - you can make a $100,000 video with the right idea for $500 and then use YT video budget to promote it.  Also - don't forget TikTok!  I think that's a ripe platform for someone to break in the rock space and there's a corner of TikTok there, likely, for your fans! 

Hope it's helpful - and nice work! 

submitted media.

Stuck By Your Side by INDIGO TWINS

Benjamin Groff

Hey Indigo Twins - thanks for the submission.  Nice work on this one.  I have one overall suggestion which is, on this one, I'm not sure if I felt I landed on a definitive hook / chorus.  Like I know you have your rap / verse and then the chorus...but after hearing it - I'm not sure / couldn't sing back the chorus.  One thought is it's really hard to make sections pop often if you have a 4 measure beat pattern with the same chords.  To make it work, at least in my opinion and my  book - it's really about the game / art of contrast.  There's more about that here.  More so towards the end of the post.  You already have a good deal of this going on but it's worth checking out. 

But overall - nice job here, strong production, liked the rap part and good vocals overall.  

As far as marketing / promotion advice - I'll tell you what - as a bonus i have like 250 + free pages if you want to pick up way more than I can put here in text!  This is free if you want to grab it for instant download.

Hope it's helpful!


Oren Gilad submitted media.

Anchors (Feat. Tali Magory) by Shadow Ensemble

Benjamin Groff

Hey Shadow Ensemble thanks for the submission.  Nice tune here and nice voice and song.  I think if anything could be improved, it could be the production.  It's not bad at all but I felt it could be maybe more lush or maybe those parts are there but for me not all coming together in the mix.  Again - it's really good but I'm trying to put my finger on what could be improved and would suggest there might be something there.  Also I would suggest on future songs  - to also look into the power and effect of having a 2nd melody aka a "riff" in your production - an identifiable and copyrightable element to your song.  There's more on that here if you want to dive in!  Overall - very nice piece, but not sure it was quite ticking all the boxes for me.  Hope it's helpful!

Rachel Barton submitted media.

Baggage by Rachel Barton

Benjamin Groff

Hi Rachel and thanks for the submission.  I think you're heading in the right direction and you have a really great, strong voice.  Instead of producing the tracks, etc from scratch - have you thought about also getting some tracks and putting things together via Splice or collaborating with some writer/producers?  I think your top lines and vocals are really strong and can hear them standing out and if that is your strength - i'd work more on that and try to find some more partners to make some music.  Really nice piece and I'll drop by the website too.

Peter Gilbert submitted media.

Little Liberties Album by Hated Names

Benjamin Groff

Hi Hatred Names - I'm digging the atmospheric and cinematic vibes here as well as the musicality.  Songwise i also like this and also the vocals. One thing, if it was me that I would look at is - for me at least - i feel the HH and the snare maybe even the kick is a touch distracting. Like it feels / sounds very stock.  Have you tried playing with replace those or maybe not even have it present at all?  Particularly it's the HH to me but maybe worth looking at. Dig the change of pace around 3 min 15 seconds but I also think more convincing drum sounds are really going to help with that.  Hope it's helpful and sounds like the project is going in a real artistic, sonic identity direction.  

submitted media.

1-800-APHRODITE by Kevin Mac

Benjamin Groff

Hey Kevin - thanks for the submission.  Dig the title and the way it's set in the chorus as the refrain - it's a good pay off.  Also strong bassline here.  I mean in a way I could hear the Jonas Bros or DNCE doing this ... it's in their lane. That being said, you're literally competing against the likes of Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, my own writers etc to get on that record.  I think the production you'd really have to ramp up --- or maybe a strategy here is to send it to one of the producers linked to that or other projects.  Right now - if i were to assess it against my only songs I'm pitching - i would say it's a "B" - which is certainly really good but I would say it's beating out any songs I'm currently pitching.  I'd also look to K-Pop as possible placements for this one.  Certainly strong!  Hope it's helpful.  

Nicole Arnoldo submitted media.

Garden Pics by Georgia Parker

Benjamin Groff

Hey Georgia - thanks for the submission.  First off - great voice. Really caught my attention right from the start.  Interesting idea for a song for sure.  Overall, I think it's a really strong song and production here.  One thing I would suggest is to try to amplify a sonic identity from the band artistically and production wise.  I think your voice has that - but right now we have 60,000 songs coming out per day (and that's about to be 100,000) - so the real trick is how can you stand out in a crowded marketplace even further.  I would say the thing here is to speak to your niche and find that niche rather than going "broader" in the indie side, if that makes sense?  

As far as promotion and marketing - the best thing i can do is suggest you download a book I just wrote (#1 Amazon new release) and you  can get it for free here:  Lots of great pieces i think there to put into use and a whole section on niching out - really diving into a sonic identity.  Not saying there isn't a sonic identity here at all - but there's another layer to go, in my opinion - if that makes sense.

Hope it's helpfull!

Shawn Mathews submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Shaun nice DIY video here.  I dig the song also and think the video really fit it great with the additional animation on top of it.  I do think this song could do really well for you in the synch space.  Have you looked into micro synch agencies like Marmoset or Music Bed?  Actually I'm a little more curious about "Sunshine" I'm a little curious to learn more about this one, like who the cowriters are, etc.  Maybe it could be something to discuss a little further on a label / publishined end.  It's off to a great start.  Maybe we can figure out a way to keep that momentum going with a budget etc.  Feel free to reach me via my website,  Or I'll find you on the socials.  

Billy Preston submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

HI Memoryfield - I enjoyed the "large" cinematic landscape here - wish more people were doing this and the musicality as well!  Great video and nicely done.  For me, it's a touch outside what I'm looking for which is beat driven indie pop or more mainstream.  But I think there is a really great niche and areas of Spotify, and Apple and YouTube that are going to eat this up.  As far as promotion - I would spend real quality time in finding those channels, playlists and blogs that could support the video.  And then once you have that list you can start fostering those relationships and use again and again.  I'm also just about to post at my website at a whole directory of sub reddits and where you can find the right audience.  Lastly, I think a YouTube promoted video is going to really work great for you - just make sure you do tight targeting, interests, keywords (i.e. similar artists whos fans might like you, etc).  If you do that right you can get a targeted view for like. 02-.05 cents and it might converts some new fans and streams elsewhere.  Nice work - for me, personally, it's just a little outside my genre.  Hope it's helpful!

Brandon Linds submitted media.

Time (Official Audio) by Brandon Child

Benjamin Groff

Hey Brandon - thanks for the submission.  Overall i thought this was on the good side.  I have a suggestion for you worth checking out - which could be an epiphany of the day.  But first - just wanted to mention - really lovely guitar solo!  But that goes on to what I was going to mention - which is a super amazing songwriting "trick" is to add a "2nd melody" to your actual vocal/lyric that you sing.  In other words - instead of having vocal melody + chords - you can have "vocal melody" + "2nd melody."  This is essentially keeping your chords and instead replacing them with a great bass line, guitar riff, arpeggios etc that follows those chords - and then mute the chords.  There's more on this here:  For me it's what makes songs "light up" in any genre in any decade and might be worth exploring.  

Listened twice to the song.  Definitely in the good category...I would say I enjoyed the guitar playing the most (being a fellow guitar player).  

Hope it's helpful.


Brian Walker submitted media.

ROLEPLAY - Remix by Brian Walker

Benjamin Groff

Hey Bryan - sorry for the delay in reviewing your song.   Was on some much deserved vacation : )  i like the production here and the vocals.  The song is really good for sure and would expect you'll do well with it.  I see you're looking for a label - not sure this one is going to be quite right for me...but I would suggest submitting this across to EDM District / The District to their YouTube channels and Submit Hub.  Also there's a whole book i wrote on additional promotion and marketing and ideas. Feel free to pick up a free copy here if you like - as a bonus!  (it was recently a #1 new release on Amazon)  In the meantime - good luck with the release!  

Jackson Schueler submitted media.

Lovely Girl by Drew Schueler

Benjamin Groff

Hey Drew - really slid song here all around - the song, production, vocals, etc.  First, I'm going to check out some more songs and dig in a little further as this was really strong. Second, if you're looking post release marketing ideas as your comment / introduction note suggests...look no further than this post / YouTube video I made.  There's 48 ideas here and you might have hit the jackpot!  Enjoy!  I would also resubmit to places like Submit Hub-other YT channels - you never know.  Maybe try some different "sideways" genres that you didn't hit up the first point.  Like - this is more pop to me - but maybe try indie pop next time around, etc.  Checking out some more and nice work.

Billy Preston submitted media.

Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover) by memoryfield with Robyn Cage

Benjamin Groff

Hey Memoryfield - thanks for the submission. Great pick in a cover idea.  Overall though, my feedback is it looks like this is a well produced, potentially expensive video and music production.  So, I guess my question is what the overall objective would be for putting the budget into a cover vs say original material.  I mean - don't get me wrong, I do covers all the time on my label, but we're also usually doing something really different or a twist on the song that's unexpected. I think this is a good cover for sure but for me at least, it feels kind of close to the original.  Or the other question is - why not instead just listen to the original David Bowie version.  From the female perspective though is cool though for sure.   

In regards to comments on promoting it - have you looked into YouTube video ads?  They may or may not let you promote it because it's a cover - but I think if you set up a campaign and even just targeted David Bowie fans or people like covers - you could probably get a lot of mileage.  

Hope it's helpful in the meantime.  Overall really nice job with this one and also great guitar solo!

Elijah Perez submitted media.

WAIT by Lij

Benjamin Groff

Hi Lij, first of all - really liked the artwork ... it was attention getting and also very Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" which doesn't hurt!  Overall, I do really like this and also the production takes some nice twists and turns that I wasn't expecting.  I just put this in our Weekly Indie A&R Chart here at We Are: The Guard here: I'll check out your other music but wanted to say nice job!

Zack Kelemen submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Free Grunt - i liked the song and the video.  One thing I think you have going for you is your really honed in to a niche audience - which is good...because if you can nail it in that audience and tribe - they can broadcast your message more.  So as far as promotion advice, I would look into those corners of the internet, Instagram, specialty clubs, even make up artists in the goth to horror world that might be up for supporting your music and / or doing something with it.   Also if it's helpful - a lot of the promotion advice I have is in my 275 + page book which was a #1 new release on Amazon called "How Do I Get A Record Deal? Sign Yourself!"  It's Amazon but as a bonus you can get it for a free download right here.  Also I think you could get a good bang for your buck on YouTube video ads and doing a tightly targeted campaign i.e. .03-.05 cents per view.  Hope that's helpful!

Cam Sparling submitted media.

Patient by Jake Daniels

Benjamin Groff

Hi Jake - I think this is a solid song for sure and also nice production and vocals.  If anything could be improved I would say that the lyric video is a nice placeholder but if you look into places like UpWork or Creative Commissions - you can probably find someone to up the ante on your lyric videos.  But certainly fine for now.  

On the creative front musically - I did really like this but would love to hear one extra deeper level of sonic identity - a sound that just could be yours.  I mean let's face it - we're in a climate of 250,000 + music releases per week - so while you've done really well on streaming - how can you 10x that?  And I think part of that answer could be too be more signature - and push the boundaries of your genre somehow.  Only you will know what that is of course.

But yah - super solid song and I'm going to check out the rest of your music on Spotify.  That being said not sure this one is quite right for me and my outlets but I'm going to check out some of your other music too.  Nice work and hope it's helpful.  Benjamin. 

Marian Godwin submitted media.

You Dont Know Me (Original) by Marian Godwin

Benjamin Groff

Hi Marian - thanks for the submission and overall a nice presentation and vibe.  Also really noticed the great guitar playing.  One thing at least for me that I've noticed over the years is that uptempo music generally gets a little more love on playlists, synchs, radio etc.  Of course that might not be the vibe of this project - and i do really think the essence of the recording is really nice so i'm not sure if that comment is so applicable.  However, as for myself, the song is probably a little outside the genre I'm looking to work in.  However, as a bonus, as I see you're looking for info on how to better promote your music - i wrote a whole book on this - but as a bonus, feel free to get it free here if you like (it's also on Amazon).  There's way more in here on promoting music in today's day and age than i can write here.  Hope it's helpful!

Dylan Nichols submitted media.

COMPANY (feat. kidgloves) by Dyllan, kidgloves

Benjamin Groff

Hey DYLLAN - really nice vibes here.  I actually have one piece of songwriting and production feedback for you that might be helpful.  It took me 20 years to figure this out...but basically - I think a 2nd melody or "riff" in your production, however so slight or significant, could take your song to the next level. It might not be worth redoing this production but I think if you take this concept to heart it will perhaps even overnight retransform your writing and songs.  I wrote like a 3,000 word blog post on this so feel free to pop over here to hear more about what I'm talking about:

Essentially it's about providing multiple lotter tickets and melodies for the brain to latch on to songs and at least for me, it's why some songs "light up" for me and others not as much. 

That being said - I love the vibe, your vocals, the delivery and the essence of the song and what you're doing!  Will check out some more of your music in the meantime but hope the above was helpful.  Sounds like you're on the right track!  Benjamin. 

Brendan Terry submitted media.

Empty Room by Tanner Derby

Benjamin Groff

Hi Empty Room - dug the house vibes on this - feel it work great when the dance floors reopen.  One question when listening - do you need your 2nd prechorus?  An old trick i learned from one of the greatest under the radar pop songwriters, Steve Kipner - is deleting your 2nd pre chorus - the brain will think it's there but really you're just giving everyone a little surprise by getting to the chorus 8 measures early - try it out!  My only other comment is if the mix can hit harder - without losing the sensuality of it.  Have  you ever tried stem mastering?  that's there the master each stem and then reassemble and mix/master with the individual parts mastered and maximized.  Could be an idea there.  Hope it's helpfu1

Federico Ferrandina submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hi Frederico - I really enjoyed this piece in it's musicality and arrangement - really beautiful and the attention to detail with all the instruments across the board - so well captured!  To me, and having had some success working with Josh Groban, I feel this song is more in the contemporary classical area.  The project isn't necessarily something for my outlets, but I would suggest running targeted Instagram, Facebook and YouTube campaigns against your contemporaries and those names.  I'm pretty confident you will find fans that way as the music is so good!  I would also suggest getting your music on some of the micro synch agencies like MusicBed, Marmoset music - especially if you can license everything 100%.  I'd also put these up on those sites just as instrumental pieces too!  You might find some key synch opportunities.  Hope it's helpful and really nice work.