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buzz blog / artist manager / 22tracks playlist curator
Disco Naïveté has been around in the blogosphere since 2009, focusing on exciting new music from around the globe. He was early to champion the likes of Lana Del Rey, Haim, The Neighbourhood, Hozier and Christine and the Queens, to name but a few of the many established/rising new acts. 

Disco Naïveté also curates the POP playlist for 22tracks (Brussels), one of the music discovery services' most popular lists. 

Disco Naïveté is always on the look for exciting new pop music without taking the term "pop" too strictly.
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Recent Feedback

Natasha-Leigh Smith submitted media.

OMEN by Natasha-Leigh Smith

Disco Naïveté

I feel like there's a bit too much drama, "less is more". The swelling violins around the 1 minute mark are cool but if you would let those swell without anything else from instruments or vocals they'd have more effect, I feel. Same goes with the vocal, it's always really forward and clear in the mix but around 1:30 it's tucked in the back, and therefore loses effect. Go big & go bold, put the emphasis on certain sounds and vocal moments to really grab your momentum with the track there (especially in the chorus). Think the lyrics may need a bit more variation but if you tone it all down a bit that will come gradually. In the 2:38 bridge I would drop the drums, and just add things with each "ooh", right now the violins come in early again, you need to build towards a momentum there too for the final chorus.

Milo Starr Johnson submitted media.

Look Away by Milo Starr Johnson

Disco Naïveté

It's all very nice & everything, love the rich orchestration on it, track waves along very nicely, but it just doesn't do much with me. Maybe it's a bit too flat overall, there's no real "wow" moment that puts me in tears or has me like "so beautiful", if you know what I mean. Kind of drags along like that, a bit too monotone. The best moments are with the sax solo but as a singer-songwriter you want your voice to be the center point of attention. I think Natalie Prass could be a good reference point for you, she manages to do this slightly better.

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.

Love & War by Brutus Begins

Disco Naïveté

It's not bad but I don't think anyone is waiting for a very 80s song - that needed to happen 40 years ago. I think you need to add some 'pop' to the song, give it something more contemporary, take it out of that brooding atmospherical sound. M83 is a good example of that, he's great at building soundscapes that have a pop tendency to them without losing the overall epic feeling. Right now, in this state, it disappears in the background pretty quickly. There's no real recognizable chorus, there's no real 'wow' moment either. The basic production beat also runs through the entire song which makes the song very repetitive overall.

Becca Fox submitted media.


Disco Naïveté

Not bad but stays in that same zone a bit too long for me, like it's getting slightly repetitive. I know that's a very typical psych thing but still.

I also feel like the mixing / production could use a bit more reverb / other effects to add to the psych effect, right now it all feels very very dry.

Jochen Mader submitted media.

Carousel by Gatwick

Disco Naïveté

Going to share this on Twitter + reblog on Soundcloud. Really great this!

John Son submitted media.

POLLLL by John

Disco Naïveté

*hits follow on Soundcloud*

eager to hear original material. that 2:10 break is special. love how tense the production is, fits really well with the purity of the vocal. Please do keep me up to date!

Daniel Lugn submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

Really special, this one. I love love love the immaculate production, quite minimal but really intense and clean. Definitely going to listen to the full album. (will do a tweet on this track)

SGF submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

This has some potential, but the production really needs to be a lot better. This sounds too much like an Ableton-version, it lacks energy & *real sounds*. Start by replacing that faux kick drum with a real kick drum - you'll hear the song get better instantly. Around the 2:10 mark you're building up towards a climax but you really need to feel that climax, maybe have an instrumental bridge at 2:28 instead of slowing it down again. You're doing this around 2:45 but I would do it earlier (before you slow it down) + make it sound bigger & bolder, it's kind of sizzling there right now.

Matt Specht submitted media.

Calamity! by Rainy Day Crush

Disco Naïveté

Really good - could use a bit more punch. Production is okay but needs some work. Will do a Tweet!

Christel Longo submitted media.

So What by Midori and Ezra Boy

Disco Naïveté

This is an okay song. Clear and good chorus, strong vocal, solid song structure. It however doesn't really grab me - it tries to be really loud so it gets all the attention in the room but it's that exact same loudness (and not the music) that is taking over the room.

Also be sure to target the right audience for your song (at least when trying to get the right people's attention) - I am in first instance a lover of pop (and not rock/guitar) music and therefore not a perfect fit when it comes to covering your song / giving you the 'tastemaker quote' you're aiming for.

Ignacio Simon submitted media.

Reflection by Northwest

Disco Naïveté

Really beautiful. Cinematic piece of music, bit of Swedish/Nordic vibes to it. Will do a Tweet & add to Spotify and Soundcloud playlists! Thanks for this gem.

submitted media.

Dreams (Official Video) by Sofie Winterson

Ville Laaksonen submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

This feels like a pop track packaged in a (too?) classical composition. I think the song itself is interesting and has appeal, but because of the production that's kind of 'very calm' and 'classic' it kind of just passes by without ever grabbing you. There's a clear pop structure in terms of how a pop song looks like, but the listener is kind of left to discovering it him/herself because the chorus does not stand out in any way, etc. The song needs more 'wow'-moments, I think. It's getting better towards the end but those high pitched voices are maybe a bit too much - I would keep them but have bigger drums join in, like create a swelling climax feeling.

Lilt submitted media.

Capture by Lilt

Disco Naïveté

Great track, going to do a Tweet on it.

I know you didn't really ask for feedback but since I'm not doing a post I want to explain what I think could be better. I love the production, the vibe, the vocal - all aspects are there to make this a big song, but it lacks coherence in terms of vocals matching production matching vocals (I can't tell which one needs to change.. all are great). The production is very dark and maybe a bit too EDM (thinking of it, I would change the production) which pushes the track in a certain direction, while it could be a lot more fun if that would be different, lighter, I think. Maybe something to try out for a next release :)

Jochen Mader submitted media.

All Of Me by Gatwick

Disco Naïveté

Really like this vibe, eager to hear more. It doesn't grab me enough just yet to do a post on it but I'm definitely going to tweet about it. Reminds me of Dan Bodan, but slightly more sensual. Excited to hear more!

Ben Whitfield submitted media.

Good Feeling by Benjimanji

Disco Naïveté

This track is a lot of fun - I could easily see it on a young pop label like Neon Gold but it needs serious shaping up: overall it sounds too much like a demo, there's not enough emphasizing on instruments, the drum sounds like you recorded it in your kitchen, etc. Vampire Weekend vibes, kind of. I would really try and look for a great producer that can make this sound less 'band' but more 'pop' for a single version. Lots of potential, best of luck!

Campbelltown Music submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

This is really nice. I would however use a different production - sounds too much like a demo right now, needs bigger/more wow moments. Your voice kind of overshadows everything right now, whereas the production needs to have the sound just be bigger in general and have bigger impact.

Lucien Dante submitted media.

Black Water by Lucien Dante

Disco Naïveté

Would do a Tweet on it but I think this is a private track? Let me know as soon as it's public.

I like the track, really unique in terms of everything. Love how it builds, love the vocal, etc.
Went to the artist's Facebook page.. 20k likes is impressive but maybe change the header to something that doesn't look like it's made in Paint ;)

Audrey Assad submitted media.

Arrow by LEVV

Disco Naïveté

Really beautiful this. The Scandinavian reference is spot on, and you can really hear it in the music as well. Also reminds me of London Grammar. Love how the song builds towards the ends with the drums, really gets to a climax that the song deserves. Eager to hear more (I see you submitted another song!), going to do a Tweet on it.

DJ Who submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

This has potential - big pop potential, so the game is a hard one to play (and win). To be filed next to big EDM-pop acts like David Guetta and Calvin Harris and the likes - I think you'll need to build this from the bottom up with heavy fan build and have the song slowly creep up the charts. As soon as people hear it, they'll be convinced (hence some minor vocal production changes), but it's a matter of getting the word out. Focus on pop blogs/websites and secure interviews/premieres with them. Maybe a good remix from a bigger name in that world will help you get some traction as well!

Lizzie Karr submitted media.

YOUR NUMBER (Official Music Video) by Lizzie Karr ft. Pete Feliciano

Disco Naïveté

Going to do a Tweet on this. It makes me smile, both the song & video, which is exactly what I am looking for. Meghan Trainor-vibes!

Max Greenhalgh submitted media.

In My Labyrinth Mind by Inspired and the Sleep

Disco Naïveté

Kind of reminds me of Hercules & Love Affair / Blaue Blume. Really nice! I'd maybe use these (or other) reference points in future press releases to give people an idea of what you sound like.

Hand Delivered Records submitted media.

Sandstorm by Sophie Janes

Disco Naïveté

Not really my cup of tea but a very strong song, really unique voice. It's quite hard to break a 'classic' act like this nowadays I fear, so best of luck with that - I'd really focus a lot on the orchestral/musical aspect of it all, as that is what makes her really great and sets her apart from a lot of other acts - surround her with strong orchestras/choirs/musicians that can help elevate her and her music. I know you didn't ask for feedback, but figured I'd do that anyway because I won't support it in another way. Also, it's a bit short maybe, less than 3 minutes is really short, especially since the song isn't really fit for (most) radio, and songs as rich as this can go on a bit longer, even if it's just instrumental parts.

Max Greenhalgh submitted media.

Disco Naïveté

Really great song - I think I liked you lot in the past already. Going to share it across socials right now! Don't really have any critique or anything, keep on doing this and be sure to track your fans to build.

Max Greenhalgh submitted media.

Time Travel by Inspired & the Sleep

Disco Naïveté

Hearing a touch of Ezra Koenig in the vocal, but it feels more laid back overall (probably thanks to that pounding summer'y hollow drum that goes through the entire song - lovely!) and really fun overall.

Checked out your Soundcloud - was surprised to see the name on the artwork has a different name than the actual song title? Fix this please, will confuse others as well. Reading the bio I'm assuming it's from a forthcoming EP - add this to the description on soundcloud so people know there's more coming their way! You're racking up on plays (2,5k on 10 days is good! + 8k on Youtube) which is good, but be sure to keep track of your listeners by attracting them to your socials so they can easily keep track of your stuff.

I'd maybe look into getting a good PR for the next track you're putting up to give you that push & have them approach the right blogs to properly launch it. It's the kind of sound that can speak to a broad audience, you just have to find a way to reach them. I'll do a Tweet on it, that might help a bit :)

Robin Henderson submitted media.

Just Dancing by 7Attic

Disco Naïveté

This is not a bad song, but there's lots of work to be done. I think the song in itself (voice, lyrics, melody, etc.) is quite nice and has potential, but the production is the key flaw - that needs major work. It sounds too much like a demo, like something recorded in a bedroom over which a vocalist sang a track. It sounds like goth synth pop - a goth sound doesn't really work anymore in 2015 (unless you're aiming for a very specific audience, which this track doesn't because the other elements don't speak that same vibe) and synth pop is in general a lot more slick, more catchy and easily accessible. I'd scratch the entire production and take the song acoustically and work your way up from there again, literally re-thinking every aspect of the production aiming for something more slick. You can continue in this direction but it would still need more emphasizing on certain aspects of the song (chorus needs to stand out, less demo'ish sound, bolder sound overall). 

I suggest to keep the music for you right now and not share it with any labels/PR's/fans because this song the way it is right now isn't ready to be shared with the rest of the world, in my personal opinion. Work hard & come back once you've got a sound that really clicks.

Mark Stein submitted media.

All My Love by Trudy

Disco Naïveté

This feels very, very Girls to me (Christopher Owens former project), which is nice, but you don't want to sound like an off-beat Girls to people. That's not the case so far, but I'd watch out for that. Then again, people love Girls and there's very few bands delivering such a solid, joyful indie sound right now. I love the way the vocal is produced (feels very high/screechy to me, which makes it cut deep - perfect).

Also loving the general TRUDY artwork (that crying woman is perfect) & this single artwork - continue this, it will set you apart from other bands heavily relying on simple photography. It can be your key thing, a thing people recognize you for. It also makes the music interesting at first glance & will get you plays.

I see you're asking people to sign up to your newsletter to get a song (smart!), but make sure to also attract them to your Facebook/Twitter/... to keep them informed & have those numbers in case labels show interest. Do interesting mail-outs with that newsletter & reward your early fans, keep them close to you & keep them informed on interesting things happening.

I see some music blogs already wrote about it, so try and get some more coverage for sure, maybe use a good PR that knows how to work with your kind of sound (it's not something for the general pop blogs, but requires a certain background/approach). I will definitely do a tweet on it.

roger kahlon submitted media.

A N O T H E R / W A V E by Roger Singh Kahlon

Disco Naïveté

Probably the best thing I've been submitted here. Instant love. Drifts between a series of things I love and is a typical "internet" song that can find its way to a bigger crowd with the right push. All you maybe need is a bit of a wow-moment - right now the song is really strong overall but there's no real ear-catcher, if you get what I mean. Like the moment you realize it's an amazing song - it misses that.

Get the right PR & start building bottom up - like I said, this is the kind of thing that needs to start a life on the internet before it can head elsewhere.

Really excited to see where you go next.