Chris Cable

Chris Cable

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Chris Cable

DMC Champ | Producer | Nike DJ | The League UK | DJ City UK | Triangulum Recordings | BBC 1Xtra Resident
DJ for 15 years.

Have toured with the likes of Tyga, Snoop Dogg, played across Europe, and most UK festivals.

Currently hold down a bi-weekly residency on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Also work freelance helping labels with online marketing for forthcoming albums/singles, compiling promo mixes, TV beds, etc.

Previous clients include Ninja Tune/Big Dada, Warner, Universal/Island

Production credits include remixes for Island Records, Four40 Records, Speakerbox/Ministry of Sound, Mindset Dance.
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rap, hip-hop, electronic, music, drum & bass, dubstep, bass music, fashion, turntablism, grime, pop culture, future beats, travelling, technology, future bass

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Recent Feedback

MUNNYCAT submitted media.

Chris Cable

The drums bang on this! Really love the overall production.... 

One thing I'd say id the vocals sound a tad muffled - there is a lot going on in the beat that overpowers them slightly... I'd say to look at maybe doing another mixdown.

I could definitely hear this on a commercial. It ticks that universal Pop/Funk box. Really great track!

As for promoting your release? You guys seem to be on the right track, and I don't think I could offer anything else except keep doing what you're doing...

If you're with a publisher, definitely have a word with them about working this record and exploring opportunities for song placement. This one is a potential hit.

Ghislaine Vieux submitted media.

Electric Night by Miss Ghyss & VY•DA

Chris Cable

Thanks for the tune... I'm not the biggest fan of some of the vocals on the first listen, but it's grown on me...the production is ace too.

In terms of promoting the release, this would probably work better for the US market - I'd suggest to get in on Spotify, and work to gain exposure by getting on Trap/EDM/Future Bass playlists.

Maybe look at doing a remix pack - artists such as WiDEAWAKE or PartySquad could be good options.

Other than that, just get it out there, send to tastemaker DJs....especially now since festival season is underway.

Good track!

Saent LaRok submitted media.

Rape of No Nation by S t. L a R o k

Chris Cable

Love the track - production is awesome, lyrics are also great. Refreshing to hear something more conscious in this day and age.

This is something that I think would benefit from online PR - something like this in my opinion needs be shared on sites like NahRight, 2 Dope Boyz, etc... radio-wise, I'd suggest specialist Hip Hop shows, and new music shows such as BBC Introducing.

Overall, it's a great track and I'd be keen to hear more music, especially if it's on this vibe. Great work!

Bryson Teel submitted media.

Chris Cable

Very trippy, in a good way!

Love the synth and vocals - reminds me of something on Warp or Ninja Tune... I can't really fault this to be honest. I think it could benefit from a remix pack maybe, just to help with club play, and wider radio play.

As for promotion - I'd suggest at this stage a free download, or if there is budget, looking at some smaller PR companies who deal with this style of electronic music. Maybe send to DJs such as Rob Da Bank or Benji B for radio play as well...

I've checked out the rest of the EP on your Soundcloud, it's really refreshing. Keep up the good work!

Cole Connor submitted media.

Chris Cable

I like the video - very well shot, use of black and white works well with the footage and vibe of the track...

The production on this tune is great - style and flow somehow reminds me of Logic, who I'm a big fan of... Can't fault this track at all.

As for coverage, look at the usual spots like Nah Right, 2 Dope Boyz, etc - With visuals like this it'd be worth maybe investing in some online PR to work this properly for you... The content's strong enough...

Will definitely be checking out your album for sure!

Natasha-Leigh Smith submitted media.

OMEN by Natasha-Leigh Smith

Chris Cable

I think this is a solid track. Melody, piano, and overall production is tight.

I like the vocals as well. Could see this doing well for daytime radio, and could also see if being used as part of a soundtrack or TV bed. That's definitely one avenue to pursue.

Also look at BBC Introducing if you haven't already. They're always great at shining the spotlight on new talent. I wouldn't advise spending £££'s on pluggers just yet until you have substantial radio play first. If you are going to invest cash though, I'd suggest video content, which always helps with online coverage/blogs/etc

I think it's a good track, I can't really fault it. Keep up the good work!

gloriano taccon submitted media.

Hero's Departure by Giulio Taccon

Chris Cable

Wonderful piano skills - you're definitely talented. 

Whilst I specialise mainly in urban and electronic music, I think with your musicality it would be worth maybe doing writing sessions with artists, and looking into scoring for film and TV.

I enjoyed the piece, keep up the good work!

Marcin Cichy submitted media.

Lose My Mind by meeting by chance

Chris Cable

Production on this is nice - definitely has a soundtrack vibe to it, and could be worth pitching to agencies for syncs, etc.

Sonically the female vocals at the start are a bit muddy. Apart from that the track sounds good. I like the switch up into the swing pattern as well... If you're looking to get this on radio then I'd recommend something like "In New Music We Trust" on BBC Radio 1. That would be a perfect fit.

I can't really fault this track. Keep up the good work!

Jason Conner submitted media.

Chris Cable

Track's pretty cool - flow/voice reminds me of a cross between Denzel Curry  & Joey Bada$$... The beat is pretty solid too. Not too fond of the singing if I'm honest, but that's just a minor criticism... I like the switch up later on during the track too.

I think this could benefit from a video, and servicing the tune to the relevant Hip Hop DJs in NY and the UK - I feel those areas would be most receptive to this.

Overall, you have potential and I think with the right combination of tracks, videos and projects (mixtapes, collabs) you'll do well.  

Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Chris Cable

I thought video was very well shot and produced, and looks very professional.

The song is a great ballad. I like the lyrics, the chorus is strong.. I think this may work well for TV/film syncs/soundtracks.

As for promoting, I'd suggest local radio to begin with, eventually working to a national radio campaign if there's enough traction.

Overall, I think it's a great track. Keep up the good work!

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

All My Love by MEMORYY

Chris Cable

I thought the tune was well-produced…really love the half-time/downtempo section! I liked the melody, could see this maybe working for TV syncs/beds.

As for radio/club play - i feel the chorus would need to sound bigger - maybe more layers to the vocals, or maybe a female vocal, but I like the overall sound. This might work for a European market as well.

If you're looking to promote the release, then maybe think about servicing the track to record pools such as DJ City, LateNightRecordPool, etc. 

If you have any questions, or need any help give me a shout!

Moses biko submitted media.

Chris Cable

Liked the production on this. As a performance, I thought it was tight, and the band were on point.

The track is cool - lyrically it's refreshing to hear something a bit more conscious - kind of has a Mos Def vibe to it. I think working the local/college radio stations for the new project would be a good first move, followed by approaching specialist Hip Hop DJs on national radio, e.g. 5FM, YFM in SA.

Maybe look at servicing the record to UK DJs such as DJ Edu, who represents African music on BBC 1Xtra.

Overall, I think it's a good track - would like to hear more from you.