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Brian Lush

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Brian Lush

CEO and Founder of Rockwired Media LLC
Brian Lush is a music industry professional and entrepreneur. In 2005 he launched the online music site to help promote new music artists in conjunction with the weekly radio show Rockwired Live which aired on KTSTFM.COM from 2005 - 2009. In 2010 He launched the daily podcast series Rockwired Radio Profiles which features exclusive interviews and music. He has also developed and produced the online radio shows Jazzed and Blue - Profiles in Blues and Jazz, Aboriginal Sounds - A Celebration of American Indian and First Nations Music, The Rockwired Rock N Roll Mixtape Show and The Rockwired Artist of the Month Showcase. 

In 2012, Brian Lush and his company Rockwired Media LLC launched the monthly digital online magazine Brian Lush's Rockwired (formerly Rockwired Magazine). The magazine attracts over 30,000 readers a month and shows no signs of stopping. Brian Lush's Rockwired also bares the distinction of being the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. Brian Lush is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. 

Brian Lush's background in music journalism, radio and podcast hosting, podcast production, web design, publicity, advertising sales, social media and online marketing, strategic editorial planning and branding have all made Rockwired a name that is trusted and respected throughout the independent music industry.
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Albuquerque, NM

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Recent Feedback

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Brian Lush

I'm very intrigued but what I just heard. It's TOOL meets Nine Inch Nails and while this may not be at all relevant really liked the artwork. It drew me in as I was listening to the song. I hope there is a music video in the works for this track - I'm sure it would be amazing. Probably getting ahead of myself. Please keep ROCKWIRED.COM and ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE in mind we would love to profile the band when the album is released. 

Joel Rekiel submitted media.

Brian Lush

Always exciting to see a very young guy take an interest in rock n roll but in JACOB's case it's more than just an interest. The passion is obvious. The music in the background sounded strong and well produced and I would've liked to have heard the song itself as opposed to the spiel - although it was a good spiel. While there are no funds on my end to help out ROCKWIRED .COM and ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE would be very interested in helping out with podcast coverage, entry into our Artist of the Month competition and inclusion in our monthly magazine. 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

I Want To Know by Robot Garden

Brian Lush

A very straight-forward and timely music video and more-than-pleasant indie pop tune.  I love the DIY fell of the clip and the track itself has me very curious about what else the band has up it's collective sleeve.  I tend to write these things without reading the statement from the band and I've just now noticed that the band is indeed a DYI project. Would be very interested in featuring the band on Rockwired Magazine and our podcast Rockwired Radio Profiles. 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Brian Lush

The video is beautifully shot. I'm always a a sucker for a concept video and the concept behind this video is pretty strong. Very simple but very strong! Love it!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

Brian Lush

I would've said love it but I've only heard a piece o something that sounds fantastic. The voice is strong and the music is a fine piece of electro pop (Something that I would be interested in covering in my publication ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE and our podcast ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES). Would love to hear more. THis littel snippet has intrigued and enticed me. 

I can imagine this music lending itself to some sort of visual accompaniment. If a video is ever made ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE would love to give it a premiere.