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Sean Sirianni

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Sean Sirianni

Founder & Writer, EDM Nerd
I have been writing about dance music for the last few years, both managing my own blog as well as being as a contributing writer for Dash Berlin's website. I have also worked in event promotion in the DC area and formally reviewing music online.

I recently launched EDM Nerd, a new project aimed at looking at more than just sharing new music. Focusing instead on the business behind the electronic music industry, music analysis, and DJ tech, the project combines my passion for dance music, my deep interest in business, and my background in analysis to create something truly unique.

Whether you want feedback on your music, advice on your business strategy, or thoughts on your marketing & branding, I'm excited to help in any way that I can!
music tech, music marketing, finance, music writing / blogging, music business, startups, data analysis, event promotion
electro, edm, house, startups, deep house, trance, tech house, books
Washington, DC

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Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Sean Sirianni

I really like the vibe of this track, which is only further accentuated by the hauntingly beautiful music video. Between the vocals, chord structures, and visuals, Emmecosta paints a vividly woeful and desolate scene. Somehow managing to capture the same bleakness that is only felt on a Monday morning returning to work after a fun weekend, "post-club" is as an apropos name for a genre as any for this melancholy tune.

Even as the track builds up in intensity in the latter half of the song, it keeps true to it's original tone. The minimal instrumentals accentuate the wonderful sounding vocals, and really serve as a vehicle to help drive the song forward.

While this song reminds me of some other indie/electronic/chill type tracks, it's a very unique take, especially given the strong dispassionate mood created by the combination of various song elements. While not necessarily my go to genre, I'm a big fan of this track, and I'm definitely interested in exploring what other music Emmecosta has to offer.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Rocket League Theme Song "Firework" by Hollywood Principle

Sean Sirianni

Only a short preview, but I already was really feeling this track!

Julianne K submitted media.

Sean Sirianni

I generally don't listen to much reggae or reggae-inspired music, but I must say, I really liked this track! It was the perfect blend of more traditional reggae melodies and vocals, with a very modern, edgy trap sound that allows this song to cross boundaries yet be very accessible to fans of either genre.

The first minute or so relied pretty heavily on the original reggae sound, but that drop at the break was all trap. I was totally not expecting it! What I liked most about the production is how these harder trap bass and percussive elements are mixed in through the rest of the song. It kind of sets the stage as these are the two distinct styles this remix will encompass, but then begins blending them together masterfully.

I think overall, this track is produced in a way that gives it a widespread dancefloor appeal, but also exposes more casual club goers to very unique genres that they may not normally hear. It really creates a perfect summer vibe that makes you just want to turn it up with the top down. Very well done!

KOSHU Music submitted media.

Cry Me A River (KOSHU Remix) by Justin Timberlake

Sean Sirianni

I'll admit, I was honestly a little skeptical when I saw the title of the track as a JT remix, but I definitely enjoyed this unique take on the Timberlake classic. It had a unique, glitch sound that was a complete departure from the original, minus the vocal line and a few other elements.

I really like the vibe of this song. Very minimalistic and chill sounding, with some variety coming in how the vocals were edited in and great percussive elements. The bass line is awesome! And the sitar-like string accents were a really nice touch.

I was starting to feel like the song wasn't going anywhere, as it started to get a little repetitive, but the bridge was a good change of pace, with new vocals and modified melody. Tying everything together in the outro brought on a strong finish.

Overall, I enjoyed this track. Crossing over pop tracks into completely different genres does not always go well, but this remix relied little on the original, and brought a new and unexpected sound that turned out very nice!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Sean Sirianni

This video was great at very simply articulating what Fluence is used for, the features, and the interaction between creators and curators. I found this one minute video more helpful in making that clear than many of the other pages and FAQs on the site.

While it sort of alludes to the benefits for both parties, the value prop does not come across very strongly in this video. If the main purpose of the video was to educate and summarize for someone like (who has done a little research on the product) the functionality of Fluence, I think it's great. If the goal was to use this video to sell an individual completely unfamiliar with Fluence on signing up, I think it falls a little short.

In terms of growing Fluence further, my suggestion would be to focus on the curators, and encourage/reward them for bringing in new creators. In my own experience, many bloggers who you'd want to attract as experts already have a network of creators they are engaging with. By attracting one curator, and getting them to bring their network of creators, it may spur more efficient growth. Directly reaching out to these blogs and their writers and solidifying the benefits of them signing up with Fluence would be a good marketing lever to test.