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wayne leeloy

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wayne leeloy

Living at the intersection of BRANDS : MUSIC : TECHNOLOGY with an emphasis on FAN's FIRST
trini by birth, memphis by fate, nashville by choice. humbled daily and on fire for what comes next...are you?
artist management, music industry, digital marketing, music promotion, advertising, social media, brand building, record labels, marketing, digital media, artist development
folk, singer/songwriter, music, art, americana, acoustic, downbeat / electro-acoustic, travelling, photography, skateboarding
Nashvegas, baby

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Recent Feedback

Phil D'Aoust submitted media.

wayne leeloy

really well done. really enjoyed the playfulness of the track. i think the copy on screen should be in a different font. at times it was very hard to read.

Campbelltown Music submitted media.

Dark Matter (UNRELEASED) by Mark Diamond

wayne leeloy

thought this track was really well done. the track, the vocal, the melody - everything.
I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and execution of this track.
great work!!

Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

wayne leeloy

really well done!!  visuals are great, music is awesome.
I could see this alongside an Adele video or other artist and it would hold up.

nice work!

Chad Riddersen submitted media.

Love Me Like The Weekend. by Hundred Handed

wayne leeloy

great modern pop hooks and energy. solid production and melody.  It's a fun, upbeat track that should be able to get some traction.

interesting lyrical idea, as well...love me like the wknd.  smart

Lewis Knudsen submitted media.

Death and Cats by lewis knudsen

wayne leeloy

solid production, but the vocal was a bit of a distraction for me.
the idea seems a bit too campy, as well.  track was solid, but I wasn't a fan of the writing and melody, unfortunately.  I'm sure there's an audience for it that should welcome a track like this, but it's not my cup of tea.  thanks for sharing!

Adrian Feder submitted media.

Believe Me by Adrian Feder Ft Inmagine

wayne leeloy

really great track. the beats got me moving at my desk and I really enjoyed the vocal and melody.  it reminded me a lot of what I'd call POP/EDM (house music?) which for a guy like me is probably the best way to hook me.  The outro at the end was a little long, but all in all, this was really well done.

Campbelltown Music submitted media.

wayne leeloy

really great all the way around. loved the production, melody and overall dynamics of the song.

Ryan Summers submitted media.

Set A Course For Common Worlds by Midwest Soul Xchange

wayne leeloy

really enjoyed this. thought the writing was solid and the melodies and harmonies were on point. final mix could be tweaked to tighten things up, but I also like the looser, live feel. 
this reminded me a lot of why I love a band like guster. also excited to see the little highlight in the chorus. good to shake things up and add an element of musicality to prove you can play. 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

wayne leeloy

great hook and melody! really enjoyed this listen. I'd listen to more.

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Save Me by Flora Cash

wayne leeloy

pretty long intro before the first lyric.  almost 25 seconds!
i do love the vocal melody and production sounds good.  strings are nice and not too heavy.

I think the vamp at the end is a little long. it;s not dynamic enough to be as long as it is.  fwiw, I think you could get there sooner w the same kind of impact.  it feels right, just a little long.

I definitely feel like there's a place for a track like this on film / tv / ads.
i do think the chorus needs a little help on timing and melody.  otherwise, it's a solid track.  thanks for sharing!

Roger Metcalf submitted media.

Ruby Rose Fox - "Die Pretty" by Ruby Rose Fox

wayne leeloy

i really like this track. the production is on point and the lyric, rhythm and melody all work together. it's fresh and interesting.

very well done.  the video is a bit weird....staring at someone's face for 3:36 w slight movements, but nothing else in the frame is almost a distractor to the track.  with such a stellar track, you should reflect that same kind of passion and imagery into the video.  otherwise, really enjoyed it.

JJ Muir submitted media.

wayne leeloy

great production value. I like the melodies in the lead and bgv's.  I love the idea behind the lyric, as well.  beautiful piece of music.  congrats.

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

wayne leeloy

fantastic track! love hearing Edie Brickell used in a hip hop track. great flow, as well. reminds me of ll cool j. 

the hook needs some work. feels forced and a little cheesy. I'd prefer it feel more like the original track. 

also, vocal production on  2nd verse feels different than the first. should be more consistent. 

Darren Vincent submitted media.

wayne leeloy

i thought the visual was really well done and compelling. I wish more folks had access to this kind of production and vision.  musically, I thought it was just ok. I'll listen to it a few more times to make sure I didn't miss anything.  the melody is simple (but effective) but there was nothing in the music that really made me sit up and take notice.
In this day and age, that's what I need more than anything. that might be a lyric, a hook, instrumentation - whatever.
It doesnt need to be polished or fancy - but it DOES need to be amazing.

This track was good - very solid, in fact - but it wasn't AMAZING.  thankfully, your video carried where the track fell off, so overall, it was definitely something I liked.  Hope that helps!

mic olavarria submitted media.

wayne leeloy

great melody and flow.
I really enjoyed this track.  well produced and a solid listen.

lead vocal was very distinct and really fit the track.

nice work!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Breathing Underwater by Hollywood Principle

wayne leeloy

solid track w great melody and vocals. loved the album art, as well.
wish the lyrics would have been a little more memorable, but overall it was a good ambient house track.  would listen to it while I cook or studied.  or worked late at night...kinda like tonight!

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

wayne leeloy

sick groove, stellar melody and awesome production!! anyone who can groove in that kind of time signature is SOLID GOLD in my book.

I'd love to see this band live and hear more just like it.


Jeremiah LongBear submitted media.

wayne leeloy

i cant say that im an expert in the mash up world, but I know what I like and this was cool!
is it commercial or something I think could have a life in the mainstream? not really....but if I was in a bar / nightclub and heard it, I think it definitely would keep a smile on my face and keep me in the mood to hang.

id like to hear more of this and see if I can hear the common thread.

Johnathan Loos submitted media.

Chestnut Hill by Johnathan Loos

wayne leeloy

i love the loose production and live drums on this track. I'm a sucker for anything that is a melodic loop.  Guitar sounds are awesome, as well.
nice love story...

it's a little long for me, but I understand sometimes it takes the time to tell the right story.

keep it up!

Omega McBride submitted media.

Gunz N Rosez by Omega McBride

wayne leeloy

dig the flow and content....thanks for keeping the track melodic and powerful.
made it easier for me to really listen to the lyric.

id shorten the intro a little...or come in w more of the melody first.

production could use a little beefing up. mix feels a little thin (missing the punch from the bass / drums).  i do like that elec gtr riff on the chorus, though. makes it feel bigger than it really is.

get creative w visual branding. what you have here is limiting.

otherwise, I really like it!!

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Living by Adna

wayne leeloy

Dark and dreamy...reminds me of sinead o'connor. 
Love the way the track builds and layers. 

The visual doesn't work for me tho. I think I understand the intent, but I'd encourage you to rethink the visual. 

There's definitely a market for this and I'd suggest looking to film tv for sync, as well. 

submitted media.

wayne leeloy

like this version. it's such a stellar track to start with, but you gave it a fresh perspective. I like the way you doubled up the vocals in the 2nd chorus and then the string break down around 2:40.

nice work.

also, it seems like you messed w song structure (verse / chorus / bridge structure). if so, pretty bold, but smart.

nice work overall!

submitted media.

wayne leeloy

this is a really well produced and melodic track.  I would have like to have seen a little more dynamic range in the way you used the beats and breaks to build more tension, but all in all, I think you did a great job.
doesnt hurt to have such a stellar track to start with!

Zach hurd submitted media.

Wasteland City by Zach Hurd

wayne leeloy

really great lyrics and melody. love the storyline and momentum of the track.
this fits nicely in the americana category right now.

only critique would be working on production, but it's not enough to be a distraction.

gets me wanting to listen to more!!

Graham Alexander submitted media.

wayne leeloy

HORNS! POCKET! nice work.  great vocal and groove.  felt like a 60's blues / rock / soul band from the UK.
always great to see a bunch of white dudes live in hte pocket w as much soul as this does.
its a fresh sound in today's musical marketplace and the horns are fantastic.  this should do really well in the college circuit.

thumbs up.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

wayne leeloy

great overview of the platform!  

Cody Hunt submitted media.

Algiers by Nightspring

wayne leeloy

i dig the ambient feel and melody.
it feels a bit dated in the production and I think the vocal could be a bit more finessed, but overall, i think its good.

i really like the bridge...it feels more confident in the track.

Grandpa Records submitted media.

But I Say by Tulane

wayne leeloy

great melodies and vocal harmonies. I enjoyed hearing the strings when they kicked in early on, but as the song played on, the sound became very keyboard patch and devalued the track a little (especially in the bridge).

I enjoyed the lyric, but was surprised to hear the chorus asking to stay. 
I also felt like the track really gives the vocal a chance to soar in range, but it stays well inside the same register for much of the track. let loose! especially on the bridge. 

you're onto something here. keep writing!!