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Haydon Spenceley

Haydon Spenceley
I write for Drowned in Sound. I also write a column on my own website called Some Great Stuff I've Heard Recently. If you'd like to be featured on that then please send me stuff ahead of your planned release date, and I will try and make sure that a review is put out in good time to be worth something to your promotional stuff.

I've also been in bands, successful (relatively) and unsuccessful (extremely) so if you want any advice on next steps then please ask. I can't be held responsible if my advice doesn't get you the mansion of your dreams though.
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Northampton, UK

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Meredith Bites the Earth by Merry Christmas

Haydon Spenceley

Not heard anything quite like this before. Bravo!

Phil Barry submitted media.

Time To Ascend by Mr Fogg

Haydon Spenceley

This works beautifully. The sounds are wonderfully balanced. You've really utilised the potential of your voice as an instrument. I was hooked immediately and it didn't let go, really fantastic. Would love to write about the album. Contact me through www.haydonspenceley.com if you'd like me to.
I heard bits of Jonsi in this, but as an introduction to your work I thought this was fantastic. There's a melodic power to this, a directness which is lacking in a lot of songs of this style. Really nice work. Do you have PR/Representation? I think Claire Lim at A Badge of Fellowship would be a really good person to get in touch with.

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Haydon Spenceley

This is a really cool. The verse groove is really smooth, really dig the reggae vibe, it's a nice twist on the indie rock thing. Keep exploring creative ways to stand out from the humdrum like this.
The solo and the octave up chorus at the end are a great lift to the track too, very cool,
If I could give you any advice it would be about the earlier choruses. Your sections on this track don't start and stop with clarity, and because the verse and the chorus are similar melodically and chordally it was hard to pick up exactly where one ended and the other began. I think the chorus melodic hook is a good one, but you could perhaps make it stand out a bit more with a diamond, or a fill in to the chorus, or a synth swell or something of that nature.
Overall though I was extremely impressed and pleasantly surprised. I'd dig hearing more of your stuff and would happily review an EP or whatever release you have coming up. Thanks for reaching out.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Haydon Spenceley

This is a pretty intriguing track Claus, thanks for sending it to me. You caught me out as I was expecting bluesy guitar, and I got keyboards and programmed drums instead. It took me a while to get into your style, but by the middle of the song I was thoroughly enjoying myself, particularly the two sections where the piano solos. Also, I hope your heart is ok!

Stereodyssey submitted media.

Anomalies by Stereodyssey

Haydon Spenceley

I like this a lot. It has a smoothness which is beautiful, but the way that you have used glitches adds a nice touch of uncertainty. I kept waiting for a breakdown or a drop that never came. Perhaps that's something you could think of for future tracks, or on the forthcoming EP - a bit more light and shade, something really aggressive. 

Being as I've not heard your work before (sorry) I don't know, but have you used vocals at any point or are you planning to? That might be smoothing to explore, but it depends what your aim is with this project.

Thanks again for reaching out with this. I think it shows real potential. I'd be really keen to hear an EP when it's ready.