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S O submitted media.

Time Under We by Starar


Firstly, thanks for sending across the track, the track has a beautiful sound and is so melodic. I especially like the delicate intro and the harmonic vocals fit nicely with the backing. I would love to hear Jenna's vocals more on the track as they only appear when harmonising but other than that I love the track. Thanks again for sending the track through.

Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Brand New Shoes by The Paper Jets


Thanks for sending across the track, I love the energetic, punchy sound and the vocals fit perfectly with the catchy backing. Your influences are easily detectable in the track and I'm loving the guitar solo at the end. After listening a second time, in my opinion the outro I find is a little long which goes on for 10 seconds longer than it probably should do but other than that I loved everything else!

Evan Lawrence submitted media.

Lightout by Jelani Sei


The vibe is great from the start. I love the vocals together with the gorgeous guitar riffs. My only comment would be that when the track hits the chorus, it seems to become a bit busy with the riffs, beats and vocals and I would suggest trying to make the instrumentals smoother, maybe even quieter so that it brings out the great vocals more as I feel they are slightly drowned by the instrumentals. Other than this, I love what is going on here and I cannot get enough of the guitar solo towards the end!

Los Waves submitted media.

Your World by Los Waves


This is exquisite. The track is extremely catchy from the start with superb guitar riffs and the vocals sound amazing. It has a great indie production and I will be talking about this on my blog for sure! Thanks very much for sending across the track and keep up the great work!

Mikael Gustafsson submitted media.

Lilac by PHANT


Wow this is great! 

I love the chilled, melodic vibe and cannot wait to write about this on my site in the coming days. Thanks for sending it though and keep up the great work! 

Boehm Official submitted media.


Nu disco is up there are one of my favourite genres so I was going to like this track whatever it sounded like to be honest, as long as it has some nu disco elements.

It turns out that I love it! The remix works extremely well and I'm a sucker for the saxophone so I love that you have implemented that into the remix too. 

I cannot wait to talk about it on my site in the coming days. Thanks for sending it across, great job. All the best for the future!

Alex Robertson submitted media.

Walk Away by Vos Lake


First of all thanks for sending across the track. It's an excellent track which shows off a lovely lead synth blending perfectly with the soft backing. Vocals are also  excellent, however if I was being really picky I personally would prefer the vocals to be a bit louder on this particular track, but like I said, really picky! I will be sharing this on my blog in the coming days, great job!

Alex Robertson submitted media.

Backyard by Vos Lake


You may have already received a review of this track from myself so I apologise if I am sending it twice! 

Thanks for sending across a second track! It's another excellent track and if you remember from the first track you sent across, the only picky comment I had was that I if would have liked the vocals to come out stronger. On this track you have nailed it and the bells give off a delightful Christmas feel. I cannot wait to share this on my blog, another great job!

Auri'El Banister submitted media.


You may have already received a review of this track from myself so I apologise if I am sending it twice! Thanks for sending across the track. Although short in duration, the backing beat is out of this world and the rapping vocals complement the beat nicely. The only negative is that I want the track to last longer! I cannot wait to hear more from this artist and would love to hear a track with a longer duration and how it may sound. Great job!

Guy Morton submitted media.


I hear an interesting track which starts off well with a nice bassline and use of guitar, however about one minute into the track it seems to lose it's flow and it almost becomes a different track when the synth kicks in during the middle eight. The start sounds nice though!

Bradley Petit-Frere submitted media.

Vortex (Queens) by Eilen


The track is very catchy and a neat first single from the Slow Advances LP. I love the smooth synth intro and the vocals complement the backing nicely.

Carriages . submitted media.

Roots by Carriages


I really like this track. The backdrop to the music is fantastic and the soft vocals blend sound great. Only comment would be that the music slightly detracts the attention from the vocals but I still like the tracks vibe, well done!

Miranda Johnson submitted media.

Weeks by Autumn In June


I love the bassline, reminds me of Foster The People's 'Pumped Up Kicks' and the haunting vocals work great! Thanks for sharing, I will be spreading the love on my blog in the coming days! Tom